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Hi I am Ashley I want to face my fears on bigger roller coaster. I been on Little Dipper at Six Flag Great America and Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket. I didn't like Rip ride rocket because of the roughness of the coaster and the restraints are bad, little dipper I love but a little big rought
Decided to change my name. Yeah, "Cranedude" is cool and all, but every time I look at it it reminds me of 2018 me...and 2018 me is something I don't want to think of. Oh, god, 2018 me was awful.
On last day in 1947, 1985 and 2013:
Currently thinking in awe about the fact that Mingoland chose a bad name for their 10 looper then proceeded to ditch that and name it something worse.
Yada yada yada "on this day" yada yada yada.
Please, mighty coaster god, don't have Storm Chaser be spiting tomorrow! I'll have your ass if you do!