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Would you ride Flying Circus?

Would you ride?

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Hyper Poster
Flying Circus

This is a sort of second edition to the topic "Would you ride Extasy?" that I made a few months back. That topic can be found here.

If you had the chance to go on the Flying Circus ride found at the fair would you ride? Do you think it looks too intense or sickly or do you think you could handle it and enjoy it?

There's only one Flying Circus made in the world and it was made by Waagner Biro Stahlbau & Sch?fe in 1997. It looks like one of the most nauseating and sickening flat rides there is to date. It has a very long ride cycle and looks great at night.

Fact file and photos: http://ridesdb.com/en/db/ride_fact.php?ride_id=225


Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEc5sivld1Y

On-Ride/POV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgFqv8rXQNY

Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df1uSSl3tWM

The bit at 3:30 on the night video looks pretty crazy! Would you ride?


That photo made me laugh :p


Social Media Team
Social Media Team

It'd make me sick, be it looks freakin' awesome, I'd just leave it until last.


Strata Poster
Looks pretty horrible, but if one appeared at a UK theme park, I doubt I'd sit it out.

Martyn B

CF Legend
Wow, and I thought Megaspin Rollovers were pretty bad!

That thing looks awsome, but I think, my stomach might disagree, but then again, I'm never sick on rides, although theres a first time for everything!

But I'd give it a go!

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
No. I'm sure it isnt but to me it looks sort of unsafe. It would probably be uncomfortable and I would most likely be sick.


Mega Poster
That looks bloody awesome...

Yes I would definately ride that....if it ever came to the UK


Giga Poster
Yes i would

Ill ride anything, it may make me sick, but i dont care i would love to ride it.


This is my third attempted post in this topic, so its alot less detailed than the original... :roll:

Yup, I'd ride it. (of course!)
It looks more likely to be a moderately good experience than a really bad one.
I've always really hated these topics, because as enthusiasts we rarely will say no when it comes to riding something.

So with that being said, of course I would ride this. It turns out, that in my experiences, the rides at the fair are far more intense than a lot of flat rides at big amusement parks. This looks like no exception.



That thing looks... crazy.

I'd force myself to go on that thing.Looks like it'd be the only thing in the world capable of making me puke. Oh god... forget puking... I'd probably just die on that monster. :lol:


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
I'd ride it for sure, looks like a great, intense ride.

One thing that really does make this ride interesting is the seating arrangement, less facing forwards and backwards and more facing any way you want! :razz:


Giga Poster
There' a reason why I'm a coaster enthusiast and not a spinny-upsidedown-sickening-flat-ride enthusiast....
Mainly because most coasters aren't spinny and sickening.

I got sick when I went on Scorpion at Adventure Island the other week, so there is absolutely no way I would even think about going on a death-contraption such as this.

Mr Nash

Hyper Poster
Yeah i'd give that a go,it certainly looks like fun.

Looks like it picks up quite a bit of speed going by that on-ride POV.

I'd think twice about riding it with a full stomach though.