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What's in a name?


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nealbie said:

Gets me EVERY time <3 *dies laughing*

OMFG NEALBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am giving a literal LOL. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nemesis Inferno

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Benin is the name I enforce people to say...

Ben is my family's name for me and one of my friend's...

The same friend will also call me Benny-Boy sometimes...

But that's it, no nicknames from me...


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David- Formal name, parents use it more than anyone

Dave- Usually referred to as Dave by most friends and workmates

Super Dave- A work title.

Other names are:
DVD, Duvv, D-Man.


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Tom - what most people call me and the name I'd prefer to be called.

Thomas - my "official" name but it is only really used if I'm in trouble or if I'm being annoying. 9 times out of 10 it's said in the same voice as the woman from Tom and Jerry uses. (Thomas, is that you in the kitchen?)

Mitto - my nickname at school, it's used by quite a few people actually but it's a name I don't mind at all and it's stuck for about 4 years.

Tommy - One girl at primary school used to call me this. She was annoying. Also, I hate this name and never want to be associated with it.

Those would be the ones I've been associated with in the past. There's probably been several others but they must have been pretty unremarkable as I can't think of any more off the top of my head.

Uncle Arly

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Ashley - Mum, Nan.
Ash - Few people, not many.
Arly - Stems from when my nephew couldn't say Arly, so he, my niece, sister and brother in law call me that. Also Coasterforce peeps call me Arly as it's part of my username.
Flash - All of my friends call it me. My best friend starting calling me it about 3 years ago for no reason and it stuck. Even my uni lecturers call me Flash.
Squeak - My brother calls me this, due to my voice <.<


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Corey- what everybody calls me.

Cor(e?)- Occasionally called this, not really a nickname though.

CMonster- My username everywhere (except for places where it's been stolen). I think my friend made it up for me when I was around 11 or 12.

That's it!


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Tom- what everyone calls me
Thomas- When I get in trouble, either with parents, or girlfriend
Tommy- closest friends call me Tommy. I went as Tommy from birth until high school, which is when I changed it, because I felt Tommy was too "little kid"
Tomahawk- A few friends call me this, mainly old work friends, or when I am drinking, because I tend to throw up the Tomahawk Chop
Big T- What my parents call me
T- Girlfriends nickname, she has a million others, but this is the one she says the most and is least annoying.


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Marcus.. everyone
Marc.. my mom and only my mom.
Snoo.. you lovely people.

My one pet peeve is people shortening my name.. it is Marcus on my birth certificate and that's how it was meant to be. The only reason I let my mom call me it is because she's my mom.


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kimahri said:
Enigma Shadow said:
The main use for this name is for my fursona (aka anthropomorphic animal character I draw that represents me).


Speaking of furries, I rememver the time I used to send furry porn to plod and mak and joey accused me of being said furry (then complaned I had no clue about it, or something along those lines).

Fun times.

Now mark has ran off and me and plod have moved on to murder photos and general 4chan... This is far from an improvement.....
Lol, you blatantly are a furry.

Anyway... Do internet names REALLY count here? I've used Hajime online since literally forever.

Real name is Joseph, most people call me Joe and you lot and some close friends call me Joey. I used to really hate the name "Joe" and that's how the Joey thing started.


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Everyone calls me Tom, this one guy I know calls me Smithy or Smiffy and I used to be called Tommy but I grew out of that name about 8 years ago.


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Well, may name's Robin by birth, but i'm not mad-keen on it, so I tend to try and avoid it!

90% of people know me as Rob, its the name I go by at work, and generally the name I use on official documents where I can.

My mum still uses Robin sometimes, but she pretty much is the only one. My dad always uses Rob.

My username on here's always been 'robbeal', which is just my surname as well, but I don't think anyone's ever actually used that seriously in real life!

In terms of nicknames in the past, its usually just been 'Beal' which was common throughout college & high school. One or two people used to call me 'Bobby', which never stuck!

There's also 'Robbage', which is solely reserved for Nadia!
Real Name- Taylor

Meaning- A tailor, like a person who sews clothes and stuff, haha.

Tay- I never let people call me this, except some people off of CoasterForce, my Gramps, and sometimes my dad and stepmom
TayTay- I HATE it, my old manager use to call me it to piss me off, and so did some guy I use to see and I can't stand the name
Sis/Sisi- My sister started calling me Sis (pronounces like seece and seecey, not siss and sissy) since she started to talk and refuses to believe that I have a real name, so she still calls me this
Tail- My cousins use to call me this when I was little, I suppose shortening Taylor to Tayl and I use to tell on them because I hated it
Chippy- My Grams started calling me this ages ago and it stuck
Chocolate- Was my old name at Tae Kwon Do because I was fat, thankfully it never stuck
Frannie- My mom use to call me this, but never calls me it in person anymore, just in cards and online
The Canadian- Some CFers, and then some of Brad's friends refer to me as this, haha
Skeletor- One of my team leaders at McDonalds use to call me this all the time back when I was skinny as hell and it ended up sticking
Pincushion/Pinhead- Same team leader at work, and some people on here use to call me Pincushion

I generally use to dislike affectionate names. But I've accepted beautiful/gorgeous by my ex and then baby/cutie, etc. Only a select few people are allowed to call me pet names :p .

So yep there you go!


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LiveForTheLaunch said:
TayTay- I HATE it, my old manager use to call me it to piss me off, and so did some guy I use to see and I can't stand the name

You forgot I started calling you this too! TayTay <3


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Mines going to be fun.

Ollie What almost everyone calls me.
Oliver Only my dad seems to call me this as he doesn't like shortening names.
Obby Don't know where it came from but my little sister calls me it sometimes.
Toddler Hair Some members still call me this although my hairs been cut and that joke is years old


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Lucy - my name and username on CF
Luce - Username on other theme park forums and a kind of nickname used by colleagues and friends which I like :D

That's it folks! :D