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What are your favorite soccer shoes?

What are your favorite soccer shoes?

  • Adidas

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  • Diadora

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  • Puma

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  • Nike

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  • Umbro

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  • Kelme

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  • Other (Either I left it out or we don't have it here in the states)

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Roller Poster
I'll give the brand as an option but feel free to post the specific style and why. Do you dig the new style shoes with the asymmetrical lacing, rubbery/plastic material, or is plain old kangaroo leather still the best?

I should note I'm in the market for a new pair of indoors and its been a while so I'm looking for a little advice. I'm leaning towards the adidas adiCORE II IN. They look like classic good leather but with the asymmetrical laces.
My all time favorites were the Adidas Samba Super Suedes but I don't think they've sold those in the US for a decade.


The Legend
LiveForTheLaunch said:
The ones that don't give me blisters.

Which is none.

So therefore, none.

Because you are an enormous soccer player and all that.
Because you are an enormous soccer player and all that.

I did play soccer for a little while a few years ago, and I would have still played if the team wasn't a bunch of snobby bitches. I had Umbro shoes, and they were sooo uncomfortable.


Hyper Poster
I always used to go for the Adidas ones but for the last 3/4 years or so I have got Nike because the Total 90's are so comfortable and they look good too :)


I always had puma's whilst in high school they were usualy comfy after alil bit of breaking in.


Giga Poster
Most of the time I wear Nikes. There is another one I wear, but I cant remember the name.


Roller Poster
jokerman said:
Is this poll just for soccer boots, or just any boot made by those companies?

Just soccer boots for this poll. I was curious how everyone felt about some of the modern designs that are out these days like predators and all the crazy nike styles.


Mega Poster
Right now I have a Puma king boots. I'm not really loyal to any brand, as I've had various models of umbro, nike, adidas and lotto soccer boots long time ago. One of the main reasons why that is, is because it's often hard to find fitting shoes.


Giga Poster
Man, I sure love soccer shoes dude!

I like to put them on after my soccer pants and get out there to play some serious soccer!!


Mega Poster
Nike anyday
However my Nike 90s have starting to smell of Cat's pee and I keep them inside and I don't have a cat.
Strange that - I think it was on Watchdog (An English TV Show) a few weeks ago
Anybody else experiencing the same thing?
However, apart from them smelling of cat's urine I still go for nike for my soccer shoes lol
Probably because my feet do not fit into adidas ones.