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We need to talk about Drayton...

I think American Adventure was a slightly different case; from what I'm told, they essentially removed everything thrilling that they had already without adding anything new for families. Drayton, on the other hand, has already shaped a pretty strong family lineup headlined by the goldmine that is Thomas Land, so they already have a captive family market to rely on. I don't think thrillseekers make up a particularly high percentage of Drayton's visitors these days, and I don't think they have done for some time...

Unfortunately that’s not the case. They failed to add significant thrill attractions for years, Like Drayton. They added several family and child friendly attractions, like Drayton (although Drayton’s Thomas IP is, I would say, stronger than the JCB IP AA went with) they then started removing thrill attractions, and adding more family attractions, like Drayton... They did not last long after that. :(

Of course, that’s a hugely condensed summary, both sides have a lot more circumstances in play. American Adventure had been run poorly by several owners in a row. But American Adventure did not have a child’s death on their record...

Also I’m not sure how much of a ‘gold mine’ Thomas land actually is, if they’re openly struggling financially despite continued investment into it.
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Apocalypse and Shockwave, should hopefully go to another park in the next couple of years. Not sure what parks would get it though. Only thing I can think of is if Cliffhanger at Flamingo Land is going to the planned Scarborough park, maybe Apocalypse is the replacement. Shockwave though... Refurbish it into a Floorless and put it in at Paultons or Thorpe Park?? I dunno...

Either way, Drayton Manor is going down a similar path to American Adventure, but not completely the same, as already pointed out.
I could see Apocalypse being shipped over seas to America, but I can't see Shockwave going anywhere else. It's an old ride and I'm not even sure Intamin makes parts for their stand ups anymore. Of course it would be a shame to lose, but realistically speaking I can't see how any park would want a 25 year old stand up.


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Let's just take this with a tub of salt for now as well, given this is coming from one person who has a grand total of 3 posts over on Towers Street, and who's only other posts were 3 years about a definitely-happening new coaster opening at the park in 2018.

Not saying it will or won't happen, but yeah, everyone seems to just be eating this up as fact right now..


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Although some comparisons to American Adventure may be valid, I think a fairer comparison would be Oakwood and a smidge of Thorpe Park. It has a duty to itself (and investors) to keep the park going with what it already has, so I doubt it'll go down the American Adventure route. What it seems to lack is a direction or vision for the next decade. It seems to be a case of survival with little reluctance to take a bold step of investing in something groundbreaking. So yeah, Oakwood-esque. Is it family or thrill? That's the Thorpe smidge. Although Thorpe has, in recent years, realised it's place is thrill and seems to be comfortable in that skin nowadays.

DMP is never going to return to the hey days of the noughties and isn't going anywhere for as long as it can tick over. If these rumours do prove to be true (I'm also dipping into JoshC's tub of salt), then perhaps it will be the best thing for the park. If it can concentrate on it's family market and be more attractive wallet-wise, it can carve out an affordable day out for young families who can't be arsed with the stress and expense of nearby Alton Towers.
Overall, I think it is an interesting rumour, but like I said in my video, I ain't treating it as right so far aha I am waiting for official confirmation and if it was or will be true, we will get confirmation around summer 2020 or towards halloween


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Speaking to a trusted source at the park, their response was at first a lot of laughing and that they haven’t heard anything about it. Putting it down to just imaginative rumours and wild speculation.

The problem Drayton have is to cut the overall debt down at the park. Although this year has seen overall turnover increase by a healthy amount and park attendance is up to a good level. Still the park is making a loss that be it a smaller one than the year before but still a little too much in the danger zone for any comfort. At the moment Drayton have agreed a holiday period for it's loans/debt repayments until around the 2021 season I believe. So returning to profit as quickly as possible is the parks priority and frankly achievable given they shaved over £2million off it’s overall loss this year alone. If they do the same as the 2019 season for the 2020 season then the park will return to profit! Happy Days!!!

Drayton will not want to upset the apple cart as the saying goes for the next few seasons. So a new ride for Thomas Land is granted as it’s a safe bet for the park, also with the sale of G-Force and it’s removal will raise some extra cash for hopefully an investment into an existing ride like Splash Canyon or the something to replace Pirate Adventure. Getting rid of existing rides is going to unsettle the said apple cart and business plan to return to profitability, as it will remove potential visitors away. So I personally don’t see them doing away with Apocalypse or Shockwave.

I also know Colin personally has a lot of love for both Shockwave and Apocalypse, so I can't see them going lightly. Apocalypse has just had a huge amount of investment ploughed into it the last 3 years. So can’t see him selling the ride off after this. I would treat the rumour as just that, a rumour. As these rides are well loved by the owners and people who visit the park. Again why upset the apple cart when the park are on track with progress to return to profitability?

My source did state the park’s focus will be to continue from the success of what was achieved in the 2019 season and aim for profitability for the 2020 season. They also said to watch out for an exciting 2020. So who knows… but they did said they know absolutely nothing to the removal of Shockwave and Apocalypse.
Yh agreed. Someone who is the other half of Drayton's directors, commented on my vid on the Apocalypse and Shockwave rumours, saying I'm afraid this isn't true, don't know where this came from and love to know where this came from. Very untrue indeed.

EDIT - I have deleted that vid now aha