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Toshimaen (Tokyo) to close


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In what is possibly the most bizarre news for a little while ; saw this on the ECC facebook this morning ; Toshimaen in Tokyo to close (ahhh RIP) :(

....but then the article is all "to be replaced by a Harry Potter theme park" WTF?

Toshimaen, a 90-year-old amusement park in Tokyo, will be closed step by step, and a park in Tokyo and a theme park for Harry Potter, a world-famous novel and movie site, will be built on the site of the park. Interviews with stakeholders revealed that negotiations were underway.
Run this thru Google translate for the deets ;

(* possibly more "studio-tour" than Wizarding-World - but still quite random, I mean its not even in the best location.)

EDIT : another article here ; https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Harry-Potter-theme-park-set-to-open-in-Tokyo-in-2023

EDIT2 : blooloop running with the story now too ; https://blooloop.com/news/harry-potter-theme-park-tokyo/
(how much of that is just rehashed speculation though)
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I wonder if they will give it the Space World treatment and keep it going in its current state, whatever that may be, for the rest of the year.

Hadn't heard of this place before and doesn't appear to justify an impromptu visit but hopefully parts (*creds*cough*) will remain for a bit longer.


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While the coasters aren't spectacular.

If the park does close the biggest loss will really be one of the flat rides. The park is home to what I think is the oldest carousel in the world. The El Dorado Carousel which was built in 1907 in Germany before being sent to Coney Island New York in 1910. It operated there until some time in the late 60s before being shipped to Toshimaen where it still operates now.

It's a gorgeous piece of irreplaceable history and I'd hate to see it lost to more nonsense about some fictional child wizard.

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It's always sad to lose a park, especially one that has so much history like Toshimaen apparently does! However, the part that intrigues me most is the mention of Harry Potter as its replacement; I must admit I would be a little surprised if it turns out to be a theme park, as I'm not sure Universal would approve the construction of a Harry Potter theme park so close to their Wizarding World in Universal Studios Japan!


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^I was under the impression that it was going to be more like a studio experience, like the one in London- but I'm not sure where I heard that from.

I also didn't love toshimaen, although I was happy it existed. the one togo coaster was pretty fun all things considered but dang it was ugly and empty. yomiuriland really emerged victorious as the better tokyo park (thats not disney) in my head


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Seriously, it was a ****hole and they kicked us out for tattoos meaning we wasted the commute and had to come back covered up another day.


I assume this place closed because someone reversed a monster truck into the entrance or something. Or budget.


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I always forget this place even exists. I'm surprised it's lasted this long to be honest.

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