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Coaster Count ran a poll to find out users' favourite rides: https://coaster-count.com/page/poll
Pretty fair and reasonable results in my opinion.
It appears that way on the surface, but then you dig a little deeper and find that Wicker Man is better than RMC Goliath.

The voting system was really clunky for this one and I got fed up with it after doing just 10. There was no obligation to give as much data as possible and that's always pretty harmful in these things.

It's interesting to see a subtle European skew on the results vs the usual American skew though and yes, the stat breakdowns are a very nice touch.

Is Shambhala really the best B&M hyper?


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Single best ride I've had on one is backwards on Hollywood Dream. It's a largely incomparable experience though. I'm not really a fan of the ride type, so anything that breaks that mould is an easy winner for me.
I've preferred every one I've done with the straight rows over the stadium seating because the trains feel less sluggish and are able to have the odd punchy moment which is otherwise entirely lacking.

From its popularity Shambhala may well be the best at 'doing what B&M hypers do', but I don't find that an impressive feat.

Plenty of reading material here:

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Also there will be folk like me, both in Europe and the US who have not been lucky enough to travel intercontinentally for coasters yet... Shambhala is the best in Europe, so wins my bias, the same will happen in the US with some folk.


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It appears that way on the surface, but then you dig a little deeper and find that Wicker Man is better than RMC Goliath.

The voting system was really clunky for this one and I got fed up with it after doing just 10. There was no obligation to give as much data as possible and that's always pretty harmful in these things.

It's interesting to see a subtle European skew on the results vs the usual American skew though and yes, the stat breakdowns are a very nice touch.

I must confess that after posting and going through it in more detail, I found myself more and more surprised. You could definitely see where ridership bias and the like came into effect after the Top 12 or so, and in more local cases, even after the Top 5.


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New poster here -- I just got back from a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and I'm totally stoked on coasters now. My total coaster count is still only about 48...pretty low... but trying to get it higher soon. I've ridden some good ones.....Here's my top 10 list so far....it may need some adjusting later this year if I get to ride Iron Gwazi, and some others on my bucket list!

1. Twisted Colossus -- SFMM. Even when it doesn't race, it's great. When it does race, it's truly spectacular. I love its history --"National Lampoon's Vacation"
2. Tatsu - SFMM. I'm surprised I don't see this one in more top 25 lists....
3. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa
4. Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
5. New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas
6. Superman Krypton Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
7. Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa\
8. Incredible Hulk - Universal Islands of Adventure
9. SheiKra - Busch Gardens Tampa
10. Expedition Everest - Disney Animal Kingdom

This year I plan to go back to Orlando, this time to Seaworld, to ride Mako, Manta, Kraken and the new Ice Breaker. I'm looking forward to seeing how Manta compares to Tatsu......And also I'm heading back to Busch Gardens Tampa for the new Iron Gwazi. And hopefully back to Universal IOA to ride Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure.....And maybe Orlando's Fun Spot to ride the wooden roller coaster there.,



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I haven"t been to that many parks and I'm scared of some rides but this is my top 5
5: shock wave [sfot]
4: space mountain disney orlando
3: cheetah hunt [BGTF]
2: New Texas Giant [SFOT]
1: Iron Rattler [SFFT]
In 2021 I'm going too ceadar point for the first time and one other park that I don't Know


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Here's a list of ten coasters which I really like, in an order where I thought about it for a couple of seconds and decided 'that'll do'.

There's a huge recency bias in my list. The first five I've ridden in the last 2 years or so but the rest of the coasters on here I haven't been on for 10+ years so if I was to do this again it would probably look completely different.

1. Taron - Phantasialand
Stunning attraction - I think it has everything you could ask for in a rollercoaster in the right amounts: sense of speed, airtime, intensity, theming, comfort. Its integration into Klugheim and the immersiveness around the attraction is world class. The soundtrack still gives me goosebumps Gets even more bonus points for re-sparking my interest in coasters.

2. Helix - Liseberg
Another outstanding, all-rounder coaster. Love how the layout uses the landscape and seems to pick up speed as it goes along. Managed to get a front-row night ride which was simply incredible. The airtime hill in the second half overlooking the entire park is one of my favourite single moments on a coaster.

3. Goliath - Six Flags Great America
4. Wildfire - Kolmarden

If had a gun to my head, I would put Goliath a little bit higher. It's much shorter but every single element delivers - the upside-down airtime hill (not sure what it's called) is one of the most WTF experiences put on a rollercoaster. You pretty much get the same amazing experience on Wildfire but I felt it fades out a bit at the end. I was left with a beaming grin on the brakes of Wildfire whereas Goliath felt like I'd had an adrenaline shot to the dick. Both are amazing rides though and I'm looking forward to sampling the rest of RMC's repertoire.

5. Oblivion - Alton Towers
Yep, I'll probably continue to find any excuse to keep it in my top coasters list. but it's a one-trick pony - still one of the best executed tricks out there.

6. Balder - Liseberg
A really nice surprise. I was expecting a fairly 'paint-by numbers' experience and had never heard glowing reviews of this ride. Yes the airtime is where I expected to be but I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was. If a coaster is going to say to me "look, I'm going to try and launch you to Norway here, here, her and these other places", I'm pretty cool with that. I thought the turns in between were pretty intense as well, maybe it was running a bit faster when I rode it?

Ditching the numbers now as these could probably go in any order.

Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa: A classic probably still the most intense B&M out there.
Wild Mouse (RIP) - Blackpool: bonkers little death-trap. Really sad I won't be able to try it out again.
Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg: love how colossal the scale of this Invert is. I recall the cobra roll being particularly insane.
Space Mountain - Disneyland: was quite a bit younger when I rode this but I still think of it very fondly; vividly recall that it just felt like it kept going faster and faster. Will probably be less impressed if I was to re-ride.

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Hey guys, new poster!
Thought that as the closed season has been indefinitely extended, that I would make an effort this year to get more involved in the community and this forum. My coaster count currently stands at 87 and my top 10 is currently:
1. Oziris- Parc Asterix
Absolutely Fab invert and the first coaster that cemented my enthusiasm
2. Taron- Phantasialand
Amazing launches and theming. Rode 20 times back to back on ert and left me poorly for the rest of the day. Worth it.
3. Oblivion the Black Hole- Gardaland
Nothing is better than not being stapled on a b&m dive coaster. Lovely transitions and cool theming.
4. Red Force- Ferrari Land
The launch is cool but the height makes this.
5. Shambhala- Port Aventura
It's good
6. Olympia Looping
Love love love this ride
7. California Screamin- Disneys California Adventure
Incredicoaster? I don't know her
8. Stealth- Thorpe Park
Fab Launch
9. Raptor- Gardaland
The first drop is great and it tops the likes of the swarm for me.
10. Black Mamba- Phantasialand
Excellent invert with excellent theming. Was staying at the Hotel Matamba with views of the coaster making it all the more cool

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Over the course of quarantine, I found it to be a good time to revise my rankings so I now have all 206 coaters I've ridden ranked. My top 10 goes as follows

10. Millennium Force- I just had loads of fun on this my last visit. Amazing first drop, whippy banked turns, solid airtime, unparalleled speed, what an experience.
9. Nemesis- My favorite B&M, and Inverts are my favorite coaster type. Incredible location/theming, and the rest of the inversions are ridiculously intense. Still can't believe it's this good after 25 years.
8. X2- Only rode this once but no steel coaster has blown me away more. The first drop took my breath away and I was just stuck in coaster bliss until the final raven turn.
7. Storm Chaser- Rode in 2017 when it was running at its best, some of the greatest ejector airtime on any RMC. Very re-rideable too.
6. Outlaw Run- Finally got around to it last June and it also blew me away. Pretty much flawless ride in my mind, with incredible airtime, banked turns and speed. Plus the first drop is the best on any RMC I've done.
5. Coaster at PNE- An odd choice but everyone should have this on your bucket list. You physically can't put your hands up on this because the airtime would probably kill you. Got some great laterals as well.
4. Steel Vengeance- Loved this a lot but only rode it twice and the second half is quite repetitive. I'm quality > quantity, but there's still a reason it's this high.
3. Voyage- Wooden coaster airtime record, insane pacing and laterals, lots of tunnels, the second half is full forced airtime all the way back, all around just a ridiculously good woodie. Still fresh in my mind even though it's been a few years.
2. Lightning Rod- Rode without the trims and the airtime can't be matched by many others. Pure insanity from start to finish.
1. Expedition GeForce- The perfect amount of everything. World class ejector, speed, whippy turns, and the best first drop I've ever experienced.

If COVID didn't happen, I would've gotten to Toro, Skyrush and Phoenix this year. Looks like they'll have to wait until 2021.


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Here’s my Frenchie Top10 :

1. Untamed, Walibi Holland, Biddinghuizen, The NetherlandsI was the first surprised he beats the two other RMC I’ve ridden cos at first the location isn’t special. It is shorter than TC and SV but every single moment of the ride is awesome, there’s Great Ejector, it’s twisty and snappy !
2. Helix, Liseberg, Göteborg, SwedenI was quite surprised also cos my favorite Coasters are generally very intense but Helix is the exception ! This a real masterpiece, re-ridable, lovely elements, crazy Pretzel Loop and ZGR, confort, IMASCORE, this is what Blue Fire should have been... I can’t even say the weak lunches are flaws cos it really works with this ride.
3. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California Is everybody in ? The ceremony is about again. I’ll never understand the hatred about this fantastic 4D, in terms of pure layout and sensations, X2 is my really favorite ! However it’s so intense that u can’t really do chain-ridding !
4. Taron, Phantasialand, Brühl, GermanyThe Game of Thrones Coaster is the proof that scenery and music are so important on a roller-coaster. The layout is fine but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that high without its atmosphere !
5. Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California SFMM has really the best Top2 of all the parks I’ve done, having to chose the duelling bois or X2 was one of the hardest thing in my life. Also the High Five is memorable.
6. Maverick, Cedar Point, Sandusky, OhioThe real star of the overrated Cedar Point (lmao), sorry Milli and Steve but my heart goes for the Wildest Ride of Ohio...
7. Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio I’m sorry for its fans but do u really think that it is the Best Roller Coaster of the World ? I’ve ridden it twice the opening Weekend (when it broke) and it’s obviously an awesome ride, long, great elements... BUT I’M SORRY... BUT the ejectors have nothing to deal with Untamed’s or TC’s ones... The First Drop isn’t that excellent...
8. Shambhala, Port Aventura, Vila Seca, Spain I haven’t ridden Fury325 but Shambhala is maybe the 2nd Best B&M in the world... The view from the lift hill (on the Mediterranean Sea) is stunning, the First Drop seams like Sheikra’s one, The Esperluette is awesome, the Bunny Hop provides the only B&M real Ejector I’ve experienced... BUT sorry for B&M fans but B&M doesn’t deal with RMC, Mack Rides, Intamin and S&S anymore, their rides are just too tame and boring for most of all... Despite of Shambhala’s huge good sides, we still looking for significant airtimes on the other hills.
9. Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa, FloridaKumba is the masterpiece showing B&M took the wrong way... Fortunateky old-school B&M keep slaying for 20 years now and still crush the newbies (except Shamby and doubtless Fury325).
10. Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio Arrow 20 years ago really built masterpieces... Obviously it’s not as comfortable than newer Hypers, the design isn’t really good but the final Bunny Hop series just make Magnum XL-200 a little bomb !

Honourable Mentions in the right order: Expedition Ge Force (quite overrated imo though), Top Thrill Dragster, iSpeed, Katun, Montu, Goliath @Walibi Holland, Formula Rossa, Xcelerator, Millenium Force, Balder, Troy, Furius Baco, Flying Aces and Mako. xx


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Hey, everyone! I'm a new poster here on the boards as well, but I've been following for a bit here and there with an older account. I thought I'd share my list of Top 10 list with brief explanations to compare to for you! Some great and interesting lists on here. While all my coasters ridden are in the US, as I have not had the opportunity yet to visit other countries for coasters, perhaps there are some that may surprise some! Here you go!

10. Copperhead Strike (Carowinds) - Starting off with a surprise to many I'm sure, I had so much fun on this compact coaster from Mack. Has a little bit of everything in this coaster; laterals, airtime, hangtime, launches, inversions, etc.. And, it proves you don't need the fastest, tallest, and most intense coaster to be appealing. I can ride this over and over, as well as another in this park I'm sure you all will easily guess what it is.

9. Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) - My current favorite B&M Hypercoaster. It seems to have a small cult-like following for those who have ridden it while escaping Disney World or Universal Orlando. Packed with floater airtime and a glass-smooth ride, it's very enjoyable. I haven't ridden some of the others out of the country such as Shambhala, or a few in the states such as Nitro and Apollo's Chariot, I was blown away with this one.

8. Time Traveler (Silver Dollar City) - The other surprise is the other Mack Rides innovation based at my favorite non-Disney park in the states, Silver Dollar City. I rode this over, and over, and over and had more fun every.. single.. time! Because of the spin factor, you can get a different ride almost every time. I know they're gimmicky, but this one combined almost everything I like about Copperhead Strike with the spinning gimmick. The first drop is insanely good, the inversions are so much fun going sideways, backwards, semi-forwards or backwards. It's fun! My only complaint, if any, would be stopping before the 1st launch. I wish it would roll in, but aside from that, I LOVE this coaster!

7. Voyage (Holiday World) - This isn't a surprise. It's widely regarded as many's favorite wooden coaster, and for good reason. Excellent pacing, good airtime, ricketyness you want in wooden coaster, great speed, good laterals. It's amazing. The care that Holiday World puts into this coaster to make sure it doesn't get too rough, is great. My first time I rode it, I thought it was a bit much on the somewhat shakier side, but after a return trip and the re-tracking that was done, it easily excelled into my Top 10. It isn't my Top woodie. But, it's still awesome!

6. Maverick (Cedar Point) - Another common Top 10 coaster, there probably isn't much more I can say about Maverick like everyone else has said. It, again like the Mack coasters, has a lot of everything, but with much more intensity. Hard to dislike this coaster!

5. Ghostrider (Knott's Berry Farm) - Here is my first local coaster on the Top 10 and my #1 "traditional" woodie. I used to hate this coaster. There was so much neglect by Knott's not even 6 years ago, but then something amazing happened, and I'm glad they went with the GCI reprofiling and retracking over an RMC makeover. As much as I love RMC, I'm glad they kept this as a traditional wooden coaster. GCI has breathed new life and much better trains into this amazing roller coaster. Still intense and filled with airtime as before, just without the spine-cracking jackhammering it used to have. There's a reason this coaster always has 2-hour lines on the weekends (that and the mediocre Knott's ops), but I love that place.

4. Lightning Rod (Dollywood) - From here on up is probably no surprise to anyone as Top tier coaster lists are of course subjective. But Lightning Rod was the first coaster where I thought, "This coaster is trying to kill you." In a good way! Some of the most forceful ejector airtime of any coaster I've ridden. The launch lift hill is awesome. The speed is incredible. The quad-down is literally trying to throw you out of the train, it's amazing. I hope (and it seems) that much of the opening-year drama and subsequent mechanical issues of this coaster are now fixed for the long-term. But this ride is insane!

3. Fury 325 (Carowinds) - The common favorite makes its way to my 3rd favorite coaster ridden to date. Consistent speed in the first half, smooth ride, great airtime, awesome layout overall, there's really not anything to dislike about Fury. Easily the pinnacle of B&M's track record, in my opinion!

1B. Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point) - Speaking of pinnacles of manufacturers, here is RMC's to date, in my opinion. Debatable, sure. But I'm pretty convinced anyone who says Steel Vengeance is "bad" is just a contrarian or just wants to stir the pot. There is really nothing bad about this coaster. Sure, the elements are a bit repetitive of other RMCs, but I see no issues with this coaster. I did my first major coaster trip just because of this coaster. It was my first anticipated coaster after succumbing to the "Enthusiast" community. It really is just an overall amazing coaster and experience. I constantly switch it as a "1A"/"1B" because I truthfully cannot compare to my other coaster to share the "rank." I list it as "1B" for this particular list. And, there's a reason for that...

1A. X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain) - The coaster that "started it all" for me. This was the one that made me love roller coasters as a hobby and not just for passing leisure. The first drop is still the best drop of any coaster out there. The rotating seats add an insane element of uniqueness and intensity. I absolutely love this coaster. It may have its days of being too aggressive, but overall, it entertains SO well.

Hope you enjoyed and I'm curious of any thoughts you may have! Here are 11-25 on my list for kicks and giggles!

11. Iron Rattler (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)
12. Tatsu (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
13. Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City)
14. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)
15. Beast (King's Island)
16. Mystic Timbers (King's Island)
17. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)
18. Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge [Fire/Chinese Fireball] (Universal's Islands of Adventure)
19. Rampage (Alabama Splash Adventure)
20. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)
21. RailBlazer (California's Great America)
22. Xcelerator (Knott's Berry Farm)
23. Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)
24. Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)
25. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa)
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OK then; it's been a while since I updated my top 10, and this fine lockdown evening has given me some time to reflect on it. And to be honest, a little thought did pave the way for some pretty noticeable movement! Before I show you my list, have a reminder of the last list I posted (actually, I don't think it was quite the last list I posted, but it's the last one I posted with proper descriptions):
Right, it's the end of my coastering year and my indecisiveness, as well as having reridden some things, has led me to reshuffle my list once again. There's been no major changes, but I just decided to change a few things:
(The rides I moved are in italics):
The Top 10 (w/descriptions):
  1. Mako (Orlando) - Nearly 3 years after my first ride, this wonderful beast of a coaster still remains at the top spot for me! That might seem ludicrous given how many more rides I've ridden since, but when I delve into the ride experience, it's easy to see why this ride remains my #1; it's glass smooth and insanely rerideable, yet also forceful enough to feel as though you've gotten a kick out of it! But the main reason why it did so much for me was because it is an absolute airtime machine wherever you sit! This ride probably still has the greatest airtime I've ever experienced on a coaster; that first drop and those big hills provide ludicrously good sustained airtime, in my opinion! Mako is pretty much everything I enjoy in a coaster summed up in one ride, and even though it's nearly 3 years since I last rode, I am fairly certain that it is still my favourite coaster; plummeting over those airtime hills and down that first drop for the first time are still some of the greatest memories of my entire life! 10/10
  2. Icon - A phrase I would use to describe Icon is "jack of all trades"; I don't think it is the best coaster I've ridden in any particular category, but it is immensely good in quite a number of categories! I will admit the launches are not the greatest, but I don't think that really matters given how awesome the rest of the ride is! Icon is an extremely smooth coaster, it has very good ejector airtime, the turns are nice and whippy, the trains are excellent and the ride is very well paced, as well as being forceful enough to feel as though you've gotten a kick out of it! Overall, I think Icon is a wonderful coaster, and as with Mako above, it is exactly my sort of ride! I value fun and rerideability hugely in a coaster, and Icon is outstanding at both of these, in my opinion! 10/10
  3. Montu - An absolutely outstanding inverted coaster! Montu packs some absolutely fantastic forces and elements into its layout, in my opinion, and despite being such a big, sprawling beast of a coaster, it has just the right amount of intensity for me! It's also fantastically smooth for a coaster of its age and intensity, and some of the inversions are brilliant and unique, as well as having brilliant pacing, which I find staggering given that it's quite a long coaster! Overall, Montu is a simply fabulous coaster! 10/10
  4. SheiKra - Enthusiasts may often criticise Dive Coasters for being one-trick-ponies, but SheiKra's trick is executed fantastically, in my opinion! The vertical drop 200ft above Busch Gardens is simply fantastic, in my opinion! The ride is also decently forceful, very smooth and has a number of other fantastic elements to it that really make it a fantastic ride! Overall, SheiKra is awesome, if you ask me! 10/10
  5. The Swarm - In my opinion, The Swarm is potentially one of the most underrated coasters in the UK! Many slate it, but I absolutely adore it! It's glass smooth, decently forceful while not being too forceful, the hangtime is fantastic and it's genuinely one of the most relentlessly fun and rerideable coasters I've ever ridden! I also think that The Swarm grows on me each time I ride it, despite how much I loved it upon my first ride back in 2014! Overall, The Swarm is definitely my favourite Thorpe coaster, and such a thrilling, yet smooth and rerideable coaster, in my opinion! 10/10
  6. Mine Blower - Do not let this ride's unassuming stats fool you; Mine Blower is awesome! It's got some brilliant moments of ejector airtime and has fantastic pacing! The ride's signature inversion is also fantastic, and provides a seriously nice moment of hangtime in somewhat stark contrast to the relentless nature of the rest of the ride! Even though it wasn't the smoothest coaster I've ridden, I also didn't find Mine Blower as unbearably rough as expected; I only found it to have the slight rattle you'd expect from a wooden coaster and the odd minor jolt! However, do bear in mind that I only rode in the front, so it might vary further back. All in all, Mine Blower is a brilliant wooden coaster that's definitely worth taking a detour from the main parks of Central Florida for, in my opinion! 10/10 (Update: I decided to upgrade Mine Blower to a 10/10 because in all honesty, my level of enjoyment from it definitely matched my other 10/10 coasters, and I can't really think of anything inherently wrong with it!)
  7. Nemesis - As soon as I came off Nemesis for the first time in 2013, I knew it was a special ride for me! Even though my coaster count has increased exponentially since I first rode it, Nemesis has somehow managed to stand the test of time within my rankings! It shares many positive attributes with Montu above; it too is a fantastically paced coaster that is staggeringly smooth for its age and intensity! Nemesis is also potentially one of the most unique and artfully designed coasters I've ever ridden; even though Montu ranks slightly higher for me, I still absolutely love how Nemesis keeps on building up speed and intensity throughout the layout! It may be one of my most ridden coasters, and I may rank Montu marginally higher, but I don't think the raw thrill of Nemesis will ever grow old for me! However, the reason why I have moved it down and downgraded it to a 9 from a 10 is because despite it being very smooth for its age, I do often find that some of the transitions are slightly jarring to me. Nemesis is still a fantastic ride, though! 9/10
  8. Kraken - Another one that I personally find to be very underrated! I never hear much positivity regarding Kraken, but I thought it was brilliant! Some great inversions in there, and I remember it being very well paced with power right through to the end, even though I don't remember it being quite as forceful as some other B&Ms I've done! Overall, a brilliant B&M coaster, in my opinion! 9/10
  9. Kumba - I don't initially remember Kumba ranking insanely highly for me when I first made a top 10, but the more I think about it, the more I remember this ride being fantastic! Kumba certainly packs a punch throughout, and is reasonably smooth with some great inversions! Overall, a really good sit-down looper from B&M, in my opinion! 9/10
  10. Wicker Man - I know it may only look small, but don't be fooled; Wicker Man certainly packs a punch! I absolutely love the ride's relentless pacing and amazing transitions, and I just think it's an immensely fun wooden coaster in general! If there was one thing I would change about Wicker Man, I would add more moments of airtime, as I feel the ride's airtime is somewhat minimal in comparison to other wooden coasters I've ridden, but this is probably me being picky, as GCIs aren't really about airtime! Overall, I think Wicker Man is a superb wooden coaster; definitely my favourite UK wooden coaster! 9/10
The Top 30:
  1. Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) (10/10)
  2. Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (10/10)
  3. Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) (10/10)
  4. SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa) (10/10)
  5. The Swarm (Thorpe Park) (10/10)
  6. Mine Blower (Fun Spot Kissimmee) (10/10)
  7. Nemesis (Alton Towers) (9/10)
  8. Kraken (SeaWorld Orlando) (9/10)
  9. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa) (9/10)
  10. Wicker Man (Alton Towers) (9/10)
  11. Nemesis Inferno (Thorpe Park) (9/10)
  12. Megafobia (Oakwood) (9/10)
  13. Stealth (Thorpe Park) (8/10)
  14. Incredible Hulk (Universal's Islands of Adventure) (8/10)
  15. Rock'n'Rollercoaster (Disney's Hollywood Studios) (8/10)
  16. Galactica (Alton Towers) (8/10)
  17. Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Florida) (8/10)
  18. Oblivion (Alton Towers) (8/10)
  19. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (Universal Studios Florida) (7/10)
  20. Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa) (7/10)
  21. Space Mountain Alpha (Disney's Magic Kingdom) (7/10)
  22. Thirteen (Alton Towers) (6/10)
  23. Expedition Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom) (6/10)
  24. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (Universal Studios Florida) (6/10)
  25. Slinky Dog Dash (Disney's Hollywood Studios) (6/10)
  26. Avalanche (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (6/10)
  27. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (6/10)
  28. Manta (SeaWorld Orlando) (6/10)
  29. The Smiler (Alton Towers) (6/10)
  30. Cobra's Curse (Busch Gardens Tampa) (6/10)
So, those are my updated rankings! I'm hoping for some new additions next year, but I don't know exactly what those would be or where they would come from. Also, it is worth me noting that my ratings out of 10 are relative to my entire count.

Most of the descriptions still apply, and you're all probably bored of hearing me gush over my very top coasters by now, so I'll just add a few updated thoughts to the rides in the list that moved up or down quite drastically.

So, without further ado, here is my updated top 10, as of June 2020 (moved rides in italics):
  1. Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) (no movement, 10/10)
  2. Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (no movement, 10/10)
  3. Mine Blower (Fun Spot Kissimmee) (+3, 10/10): The more I think about Mine Blower, the more I can only admire what a tremendous little coaster it is! The reason it's jumped up so much since the last update is because my overriding memory of getting off Mine Blower last year was one of the grin from ear to ear I had, and the desire to ride again had I been left to my own devices, and I feel like my previous ranking didn't really reflect that! And what's not to like about it; there was tremendous airtime in store, the pacing was absolutely phenomenal, the inversion offered some fantastic hangtime in a wonderful contrast to the rest of the ride, I found it to be nowhere near as rough as some reviews suggested (in fact, I actually thought it was quite smooth for a wooden coaster) and to be honest, I just found it to be phenomenally good fun! The Gravity Group packed a truly wonderful ride into a small package here, in my opinion; Mine Blower proves the importance of the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" for sure!
  4. Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) (-1, 10/10): To be honest, the movement of this and SheiKra below is mainly down to Mine Blower's huge jump; the same descriptions as last time still apply to both.
  5. SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa) (-1, 10/10): Same as above.
  6. Wicker Man (Alton Towers) (+4, 10/10): Wicker Man has proven to be one of my most surprising coasters of all time! During the construction, even though I was one of the more optimistic posters regarding my expectations of Wicker Man, I was expecting it to potentially scrape my top 20 at best (and bear in mind that my coaster count has almost doubled since I first rode Wicker Man). Oh was I in for a shock! When I came off Wicker Man for the first time in March 2018, I did not get the family coaster I was expecting; I got a fast-paced wooden coaster with some tremendously fun elements and a smooth, comfortable ride experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, while still being deceptively thrilling for a coaster of its size! I was floored from ride 1; the pacing, transitions, thrills and general fun factor all really impressed me! But lo and behold, it just continued to grow on me further as I rode it more; it's just such a rerideable coaster that is just a huge amount of fun in my eyes, and even though I haven't ridden since September 2018, and I haven't had a ride towards the back since that first ride in March 2018, it's really started to become quite a special coaster for me, and the reason for its huge jump is because like Mine Blower above, I don't feel like my previous ranking reflected my true feelings!
  7. Kraken (SeaWorld Orlando) (+1, 10/10): Continuing on the theme of positive surprises, SeaWorld Orlando's B&M floorless coaster was another one that I was floored by in terms of how much I liked it! Going in, I had not heard very positive things about it, but I had one back row ride and quite frankly, I absolutely loved it! The ride struck the perfect balance of g-forces through its elements; just enough to feel really thrilling, but not enough to make the ride too intense for me! I also found Kraken to have tremendous pacing, with it keeping that speed & power right through until the end of the course, and I also found it to be quite smooth for a B&M of its age! The reason I bumped its score up to a 10 is because to be honest, I could not think of any issues I had with it! Mako may be the victor of SWO in my rankings, but if you go and ride Kraken, you are still in for a real treat, in my opinion!
  8. The Swarm (Thorpe Park) (-3, 9/10): The Swarm is a ride that I really enjoy every single time! It's incredibly smooth, there's some brilliant hangtime, the seating position offers a very unique ride experience, and as with Kraken above, I find that it strikes a perfect balance of g-forces, in my opinion; enough to feel really thrilling, but not enough to be too much! These elements make The Swarm very enjoyable and rerideable, in my opinion! However, the reason I bumped the coaster's score down to a 9 is because on my more recent rides, I have found that the tightening of the coaster's vest restraints is a little more of an issue than it perhaps used to be. This is a very minor criticism, however; The Swarm is still a cracking ride, in my eyes!
  9. Megafobia (Oakwood) (+3, 9/10): It may not be my favourite wooden coaster, but after quite a few rerides in May 2019, my opinion of this coaster grew quite a bit more positive! I was able to try the coaster in multiple different seats, and while I admit that I was disappointed with the much-raved about back row due to finding it a little too rough for my liking, I'm willing to let that slide given that that was only one ride, and I really enjoyed all my other rides towards the front & middle of the train (I think one may even have been towards the back again, but don't quote me on that)! The coaster's strongest element in my opinion is its airtime; it offers some really nice sustained floater airtime, and there's one point coming out of the first turnaround that offers some unexpectedly brilliant ejector; it certainly made me grab onto that lap bar a little more tightly! I also found that the coaster offered some really thrilling moments, was a lot smoother than when I last rode it in 2016, and on the whole, I had a blast riding it! However, I do find that the coaster has a few shortcomings in comparison to some of the newer woodies I've ridden; I think it does peter out slightly towards the end, and while it did feel smoother this time, I still didn't think it tracked quite as well as Wicker Man and Mine Blower. These are minor nitpicks, though; I thoroughly enjoyed it on the whole!
  10. Nemesis (Alton Towers) (-3, 9/10): Me and Nemesis go back a long way. It was one of my first big coasters, having first ridden it in 2013, and I really liked it from ride 1. There are many things I love about Nemesis; there are some really good, thrilling moments, the layout is incredibly original, and it really packs a punch! The restraints are also very comfortable, and the ride is pretty enjoyable on the whole. However, I should probably address why I have bumped the ride down as of late. Firstly, I've found that the ride, while not rough by any means, has started to bash my ears a little on some of the transitions more recently; to be honest, it's probably one of the less smooth B&Ms I've ridden, although that is still quite smooth given that it's a 90s B&M! Also, I find that it is a little bit inconsistent; while it's always a very enjoyable coaster, I do occasionally find that it has 1 or 2 slight dead spots in some of the turns that some of the higher-ranking B&Ms in my list don't have. Still, these are minor nitpicks, and Nemesis is still an immensely enjoyable coaster that I really admire!
So, that's my overhauled top 10! It would seem that I spectacularly failed in my attempt to make the list shorter, as most of the rides moved and thus still have in-depth descriptions included, but I suppose I can't help it sometimes! For some wider context, have my updated top 30, as there's been considerable movement there, too (again, moved rides are in italics):
  1. Mako (SeaWorld Orlando) (no movement, 10/10)
  2. Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (no movement, 10/10)
  3. Mine Blower (Fun Spot Kissimmee) (+3, 10/10)
  4. Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) (-1, 10/10)
  5. SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa) (-1, 10/10)
  6. Wicker Man (Alton Towers) (+4, 10/10)
  7. Kraken (SeaWorld Orlando) (+1, 10/10)
  8. The Swarm (Thorpe Park) (-3, 9/10)
  9. Megafobia (Oakwood) (+3, 9/10)
  10. Nemesis (Alton Towers) (-3, 9/10)
  11. Nemesis Inferno (Thorpe Park) (no movement, 9/10)
  12. Rock'n'Rollercoaster (Disney's Hollywood Studios) (+3, 9/10)
  13. Stealth (Thorpe Park) (no movement, 8/10)
  14. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (Universal Studios Florida) (+10, 8/10)
  15. Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Florida) (+2, 8/10)
  16. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa) (-7, 8/10)
  17. Galactica (Alton Towers) (-1, 8/10)
  18. Space Mountain Alpha (Disney's Magic Kingdom) (+3, 7/10)
  19. Incredible Hulk (Universal's Islands of Adventure) (-5, 7/10)
  20. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (Universal Studios Florida) (-1, 7/10)
  21. Oblivion (Alton Towers) (-3, 7/10)
  22. Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa) (-2, 7/10)
  23. Thirteen (Alton Towers) (-1, 6/10)
  24. Slinky Dog Dash (Disney's Hollywood Studios) (+1, 6/10)
  25. Avalanche (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (+1, 6/10)
  26. Expedition Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom) (-3, 6/10)
  27. Runaway Mine Train (Alton Towers) (+11, 6/10)
  28. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Disney's Magic Kingdom) (+11, 6/10)
  29. Cobra's Curse (Busch Gardens Tampa) (+1, 6/10)
  30. Dragon's Fury (Chessington World of Adventures) (+1, 6/10)
So, that's the top 30! If you want my entire list of all 72 coasters I've ridden ranked, then here it is: https://captaincoaster.com/en/tops/192

I know that this amount of movement may seem drastic given that I have not ridden a roller coaster since January 2020, and I have not ridden any of the coasters in my top 30 since at least 2019, but being as indecisive as I am, a little thought about my true emotions upon getting off these rides and what I enjoy made a huge difference!


Roller Poster
As a new poster, I thought this would be a good way to warm myself up in the forums!

1. Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point) - I know this coaster gets a lot of hype, but I think it's the rare coaster that lives up to every bit of hype it gets! I've been riding coasters for almost 40 years, and this is as close to a "perfect coaster" as I have ridden! It does everything you could want a coaster to do except launch, and isn't short, which gives it the edge over coasters like Lightning Rod, in my opinion. We'll see if Iron Gwazi can dethrone it, but for my taste, I think it'll be a while before something does!
2. Fury (Carowinds) - As you can see, I refuse to add the number on when referring to this ride. So silly, in my opinion! The tallest non-launched coaster in the world lives up to expectations, as its height, speed, airtime combo is fantastic, and the ride is tremendously well paced. To me, aesthetics are very important on a coaster, when it comes to separating similarly favored coasters on my list, and Fury wins like crazy here. I love the color, I love the interaction with the front gate, and I love the tunnel under the walkway. The treble clef element, and a fantastic lighting package are just icing on the cake!
3. Maverick (Cedar Point) - It's very close between this and the next coaster on my list, but I'll go with this one simply for the fact that it does more, and does it with less in the height and speed department. Maverick is such a unique coaster, and no matter how many times I ride it, it never gets old. The one-two punch of Steel Vengeance and Maverick in the back of Cedar Point, is almost unparalleled. and even throwing out nostalgia, or a home park bias, I don't foresee this coaster ever falling out of my Top 10.
4. Millennium Force (Cedar Point) - Here's where my list gets controversial, and probably induces some eye rolls. Yes, I know enthusiasts like to take a dump on this groundbreaking coaster now, but in its day, it was transcendent in a way few coasters other than Magnum had been before it. The rush of the coaster's never relenting speed still energizes me 20 years later, and I still have yet to ride it with a first-timer non-enthusiast who didn't think it was one of the best coasters they'd been on, and incredibly intense. Yes, I used that word. This coaster IS objectively intense, and objectively forceful, contrary to its butchered name in some circles. Sure, I fully admit that nostalgia, and familiarity with this coaster gives it a boost that otherwise it probably doesn't merit. But this is my list, and to me, MF is a coaster that I wouldn't give up for any of the others on this list below it, if I could only ride one coaster the rest of my life. Therefore, here it is at #4.
5. The Voyage
(Holiday World) - My #1 wooden coaster just makes it into my Top 5, and The Voyage is an incredibly deserving coaster! For non-stop intensity, I never thought I'd ride a coaster better than The Voyage, and while Steel Vengeance outdoes it now in my opinion, The Voyage is still right behind it. A night ride on this beast, especially with the trims off, is as unrelenting, and wild of a coaster experience as you'll ever find! While I've never been bull riding, I compare the latter half of this coaster after the triple-down in the tunnel, especially with trims off, to what it seems riding a bull would be like - and I love it! I know some people find this coaster too intense, or too rough for their taste, but even as somebody who has a low tolerance for what I consider to be "rough" coasters, I think this one isn't too bad. There have been some very worthy challengers to its throne, which you'll be seeing below here, but for my taste and opinion, none have been able to do as much, or do it as relentlessly well, as The Voyage!
6. Twisted Timbers (Kings Dominion) - This is probably one of the first big surprises in my list for a lot of people, as I feel Twisted Timbers never gets as much love as it merits. Opening in the shadow of Steel Vengeance (even though it opened first, and I rode it first), definitely plays a part in that, I think. As does being at a lesser regarded park than Cedar Point or Dollywood. But for my money, it simply doesn't get much better than Twisted Timbers - I love this coaster! It is smaller in stature than some of the other top RMC coasters, but I think it packs an amazing punch throughout its non-stop blitz through its layout. I'd say this is the most underrated, or least ballyhooed coaster in my personal Top 10, and certainly deserves more love and recognition in my opinion!
7. Lightning Rod (Dollywood) - This is often in contention with Steel Vengeance among enthusiasts for the best RMC, at least Stateside, but I actually have it as my 3rd rated RMC, though it's very close with Twisted Timbers. Honestly, the biggest thing holding LR back for me, is its length, as it's just so short. I feel like what's there is awesome - awesome enough to get into my Top 6 - but it definitely leaves me wanting more at the end. I haven't had any issues with reliability the two times I've been there since it opened, so I guess I've been lucky. I rode it both first year before the modifications made after that year, and also before this latest incarnation, without the front car's hood decoration on. So that is what I'm basing my experience on. Still a great, awesome roller coaster though, don't get me wrong! Just not as highly rated for me as I know it is for a lot of people.
8. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure) - Another coaster that is ranked lower for me than a lot of people, is this magnificent wooden coaster in New Jersey. Now, just because it's not in my Top 5. doesn't mean I don't think it's a great coaster, and its airtime is the stuff of legends (not The Legend, to be clear). It's just that at the end of the day, there happen to be 7 coasters that I'd choose over it if I could only ride one coasterIt's for the rest of my life, which is pretty much how I come up with the nitty gritty of deciding my rankings. It's a shame more coasters like El Toro haven't been made, because it is truly one of the greatest wooden gifts to mankind! (One category it leads my rankings in, is it's my favorite traditional wooden coaster (non-RMC), that has all wooden supports (unlike The Voyage). So it's got that going for it!
9. Storm Chaser (Kentucky Kingdom) - As underrated as I feel Twisted Timbers is, perhaps Storm Chaser is even more underrated! While most have it toward the lower end of their RMC rankings, I have it here at 4th, and in my Top 10. I still feel like that first airtime hill is the single greatest airtime moment I've ever experienced on a coaster, and the pacing of the ride is spot on! Now, it was my first RMC, so it was my introduction to the zaniness that is RMC, and I acknowledge that could play a role in it being so highly rated for me. It is still the RMC I have the most laps on, as I rode it 20 times my one and only visit to KK in 2016. So I do have that experience. I'll be going to KK again later this year for the Keys to the Kingdom event, so I'll see how I feel after riding it again, to see if it's lost anything over the years, and as I've gotten more experience with RMCs.
10. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood) - Here's another coaster that I feel is often underrated, and unheralded, though I have noticed that changing in recent years, which is good. My favorite non-Giga Hyper, Phantom's Revenge is the first coaster that really showed me what a steel ejector airtime machine was (with all due respect to Magnum, which is not one of my favorite coasters, in spite of it being at CP.) The setting of the coaster is so unique, as is its design, and that counts a lot towards my valuation of it. Directly after riding Leviathan last year, I slid that above this in my rankings, but as recency bias has worn off, I feel like Phantom's Revenge is still my preferred coaster between the two. Definitely more than worth the drive to Pittsburgh and Kennywood. and there are a bunch of other great caosters there too, making it a must do park for anybody who hasn't gone yet!

Here's the rest of my Top 25 without the lengthy write-ups!

11. Leviathan (Canada's Wonderland) - I'd heard this was the "weakest" Giga before riding it. There's nothing weak about this awesome coaster!
12. Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland) - Back to back coasters for CW, as my fave B&M Hyper is basically as good as their Giga! Fantastic!
13. Mako (Sea World Orlando) - Back to back B&M Hypers, as we get into the sweet spot in my rankings for this great coaster type! Barely beaten by Behemoth.
14. Goliath (Six Flags Great America) - Another fantastic RMC creation, often thought of as the "worst", but other than being short, it's awesome!
15. Diamondback (Kings Island) - The B&M Hypers keep piling up, as the 3rd one makes my Top 15. This one gets WAY too much "hate", as it's amazing!
16. Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer Park) - My 4th rated Wooden coaster, the greatness of this one elevates the remote small park to a must-visit.
17. Shivering Timbers (Michigan's Adventure) - Another underrated and often overlooked coaster, due to its "meh" park, ST absolutely delivers massive thrills!
18. Yukon Striker (Canda's Wonderland) - My favorite Dive Machine, YS isn't just a great one of those, it's a great coaster, period! No one trick pony here!
19. Kraken (Sea World Orlando) - Another of my sentimental favorites, this is my favorite B&M Floorless, and I've ridden pretty much all the US ones.
20. Expedition Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom) - One of the most expensive coasters ever built, is also one of the best! Not bad for a Vekoma! lol
21. GateKeeper (Cedar Point) - This much maligned coaster is unfairly dissed, as it's one of the best I've ridden, and I get a great ride every single time!
22. Thunderbird (Holiday World) - Most rank this above GK, but it's just below it for me. The launch is great, but the rest doesn't compare to GK for me.
23. Mystic Timbers (Kings Island) - Another coaster that moves up my rankings the more and more I ride it. Fantastic GCI coaster, with non-stop airtime!
24. Storm Runner (Hersheypark) - A Top 5 launch coaster in my opinion, I don't see this awesome coaster get the attention I feel it deserves!
25. Manta (Sea World Orlando) - My top rated B&M Flyer, this also gives SWO 3 coasters in my Top 25, joining CP and CW in having that honor.

Honorable Mentions: Banshee, White Lightning, Tatsu, Nitro, Cornball Express


Strata Poster
Finally got around to another shuffle, and included rough ride counts!

1 - Skyrush
2 - Wicked Cyclone
3 - Formula Rossa
4 - Bizarro (SFNE)
5 - Hyperion
6 - Colossos
7 - Sliver Star
8 - Taron
9 - Oziris
10- Formula

1 - Skyrush ridculous amounts of Non stop airtime, and great wherever you sit, ridden around 20 times over 2 visits

2 - Wicked Cyclone Doesn't seem to have anything "spectacular", but does it all very well, only had 2 rides on it, but is clearly very special

3 - Formula Rossa A coaster that totally exceded my expectations - got about 5 rides on it during 1 visit

4 - Colossos - Can't believe there are people who thgink this has no airtime, rode on 2 visits before the retrack, and on one visit since (about 20 ish rides overall)- lovely fun airtime wherever wherever you sit! Maybe a little too "polite"

5 - Taron Brilliantly themed, Brilliantly operated, consistent throughout the train, Beautifully designed, cracking transitions, lovely pops of air - just has everything!

6 - Untamed Relentless airtime and inversions, lovely layout, good in most seats, lower than wicked cyclone because those leg restraints are a bit uncomfortable, rode just under 10 times on a blisteringly hot july day....

7 - Bizarro (SFNE) Was my number one after my first visit, dropped a bit, bacause one of the trains was giving a less comfy ride than the other, still fab airtime though. Ridden about 10 times

8 - Sliver Star Ridden on 2 visits, about 15 laps, first time was average, second time was almost as much fun as colossos, and didn't seem to have any bad rows

9 - Oziris Just a perfect inverted coaster - 2 visits, about 6 rides.

10- Formula (energylandia) Slightly controversial to have this over hyperion and lech, but it just does everything so well,

so - Had a good think , and hyperion is just out. Karnan is just that little bit too faffy to be top 10, although it's fab, nemesis is still top 20, and I just can't decide on my number 2 woody!
9. Storm Chaser (Kentucky Kingdom) - As underrated as I feel Twisted Timbers is, perhaps Storm Chaser is even more underrated! While most have it toward the lower end of their RMC rankings, I have it here at 4th, and in my Top 10.

@DILinator I couldn't agree more! I wasn't even that hyped to ride it, and I thought it would definitely be the worst RMC. It turned out to be 2nd to Steel Vengeance, but my top RMC when I first rode it (SV wasn't open yet but I had been on Wildfire, Outlaw Run, Iron Rattler, and New Texas Giant by then). Never felt like airtime could kill me before riding it!


Mega Poster
Not sure how far I will get down the list, but since Ghostrider shook things up earlier this year, here we go:

  • Taron: So pleased 2019 knocked Nemesis off my top spot, finally. Was worried nothing ever would.
  • Nemesis: It's still just so good, that Helix is unbeatable. Glad Phantasialand tried to build a better Terrain Invert, but as much as I enjoyed it, it wasn't Nemesis.
  • Shambhala: It's an airtime machine. Pure and simple, plus the views are incredible.
  • Oziris: ALMOST a Nemesis beating invert. Note, I've never ridden Montu and my trip this year to do so has been canned. This thing is actually incredible.
  • Ghostrider: Knocked Wodan off my woodie top-spot. It's long, packs some serious airtime hills and is the best ride in a park that also hosts the only B&M Invert that didn't impress me.
Honourable mentions:

  • Colorado Express: It wants to kill you. I like that.
  • Big Thunder Mountain, Paris: In here because me and my partner chain rode it 6 times in a row one evening.
  • Velocity: Flamingo's bikes aren't the best rated coaster, but I only got one ride and it was the only ride in the park that really left me wanting more. If they ever theme this thing and put in a tunnel it could be a truly great ride. Unthemed though, it falls short.
  • Icon: I love it, I almost put it at number 6 but I don't know why. I love the airtime, it's long, it's simply fun, but not sure where it belongs.
  • Kraken: My only Florida visit to date was in 2005, and I remember my one ride on this being my personal trip highlight. It's actually the only ride photo I have up in my study. I don't remember it well enough for a ranking though. Shame I never visited Busch on that trip, a bigger shame that the 'rona killed my 2020 trip.

Dan Nguyen

Roller Poster
Went to Kentucky Kingdom. Interesting place. My top 10 shifted a little thanks to that.

  1. Skyrush - Hersheypark
  2. Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion
  3. Fury 325 - Carowinds
  4. Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion
  5. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
  6. Lightning Rod - Dollywood
  7. Superman the Ride - Six Flags New England
  8. Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom - Only got one ride in thanks to the ride shutting down on me most of the day, but it was insane. A perfect smaller-scale RMC coaster with crazy airtime and fun inversions. Good thing I had about an inch of room between me and the lapbar.
  9. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
  10. Lightning Run - Kentucky Kingdom - Morgan's take on your standard RMC, its got all the elements of an RMC coaster down to the seat/lapbar design, but the transitions aren't as refined. The airtime suffers from the heavy lapbars unfortunately.

Nothing made it into my top 20 but
Kentucky Flyer is a lot of fun. Its basically a mini Mine Blower.
Thunder Run combines the best of both Hurlers into one nice package
T3 is garbage and needs to be torn down immediately.


Mega Poster
I have to admit that I really have a hard time in ranking my coasters. For a coaster to be Top 10 worthy for me, it has to be what I consider World Class. Out of my 409 coasters, only 4 have ever got that status and one lost it after they cooled the wheels (looking at you, Lech coaster!) - so forgive me if the places 4-10 might change if I post them again somewhere.

1. Hyperion @ Energylandia: Were do I start? The best first drop, the best airtime moments, the best turnaround, the best restraints, good intensity and a grin guaranteed. It's not flawless, the outer seats are quite rough and the floater hill + overbanked are boring, but the rest more then makes up for this. Damn, I am looking forward to september, when I am able to ride this beauty again.

2. Zadra @ Energylandia: I actually switched it with Hyperion here. The night ride on Zadra was probably the best ride I ever had on any coaster, but I have a hard time to put a coaster on my number 1 spot because of 1 special ride. Still an amazing beast though. It's biggest weakness are the terrible restraints with their even worse shinguards. Terrible construction here, and the biggest issue with any RMC. Put a good train on it, and it would be no. 1.

3. Helix @ Liseberg: I had high expectations, and it delivered. "Only" a 4,5 star ride for me, but still an amazing ride. Not as smooth as you'd expect from Mack, but great layout, and great airtime moments. I can't decide on my favourite element, as they are mostly all great.

4. Icon @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach Although not the most intense ride, I really enjoyed it. The entry into the Top Hat actually made me see stars, but the rest is not close to this intensity. It still has plenty of great moments and suprised me in many places.

5. Junker @ Power Park The best Gerstlauer I have ever done. Great Airtime, some rare elements and suprisingly smooth. I wanted to ride it again this year, but thanks to Covid, my Finland trip had to be canceled.

6. Untamed @ Walibi Holland Apart from the terrible RMC restraints, this ride is really amazing. The 270° double inverting corner stall is my favourite element of all time, the airtime can be insane (you know it is if the ride goes into breakdown because it hit the breaks to fast) and it's still smooth. I have to admit, that I dislike the ending though, the pops of airtime are to short and sudden for my liking.

7. Taron @ Phantasialand I actually switched this one several times, even out of this list. It is a good coaster, but after >2k rides I see its flaws and can't unsee them. The theming varies between world class and construction site, and it's ending is quite weak. But on the other hand, it gives a great sense of speed. barely slows down and still rides good after 4 years. The 2 airtime moments are suprisingly good + the amazing restraints and just it's look make it a great package overall. Klugheim is propably the best place to enjoy a bear, looking at this beauty... The ride would rank way higher though, if the park would utilize its full potential (won't happen).

8. BigFM Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park Maybe one of the most overhyped rides on this planet, but I see where the hype comes frome. It is not perfect, and it's layout is not without weaknesses. The first drop is good, the first airtime hill as well, but this ride really shines on the last few hills, were it feels like it's trying to break your legs. It's a shame that it only runs 1 train for 99,5% of the time, causing quite long queues even on off-peak days.

9. Lost Gravity @ Walibi Holland Unpopular vote here, especially as it has gotten quite rough during the years. But it's still a fun machine with an insane first drop and some sudden elements you don't expect from a Mack.

10. Monster @ Walygator My summer ride on this beast is planned, but even the ones in November were great. It's basicly an untrimmed Raptor. The whip on the Cobra Roll and especially the corkscrews is out of this world.

Fun fact: My top 3 are actually all milestone coasters, Hyperion being 200, Helix being 300 and Zadra being 400. So my expectations for #500 are quite high...