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The Intimidator. B&M Hyper 2010 - Carowinds


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And the front page news article is up! :D

Additions and amendments appreciated :)


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It is not as tall as Silver Star from what I can tell.

Why do parks say record breaking when it's not :(

It's like saying AI saying Rage is the tallest coaster..... In essex.

Oh well as I said it does look good though, I will ignore all the record breaking stuff lol.

Will be interesting to see these seats as it sounds like they are a new design.

At least parks are not going for clones.


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Neo thanks for all the links.

The layout does look fantastic tbh, I just hope there are no trims.
I've been on my fair share of hypers and I have to say this looks like it'll probably be the best one yet! Looks better than the one at Kings Dominion anyways, and if it has the same kind of airtime as Diamondback there's no doubt in my mind it'll have a spot in my top ten.

EDIT- Are there gonna be trims? I don't see any in the videos..


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I like hills and banked turns as much as the next guy but I kind of dig that little straight away after the second hill. I like a little low to the ground high speed goodness.


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I love the layout it is quite different to most other B&M hypers, especially that hill/overbank thing after the first drop, the hammerhead and the turn after the hill after the MCBR. Really like the colour scheme and the trains aswell. The pacing looks slow in the offride but ok in the pov which is weird. Looks great though.


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Well it's pretty much what I expected from Cedar Fair.

The layouts good, it's similar to Nitro's. I don't think this'll steal the best-hyper award though, theres nothing new here. Wish there was atleast one more hill after the MCBR.


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Looks like they might aswell have not bothered with a MCBR...

That last helix looks pointless. First half looks good though IF its not trimmed.


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Wow, not having ANY bunny hills after the MCBR is a shame, seeing as they're one of the best bits for me (the ones on Apollo's and Nitro are great fun). Ah well, at least the first half looks good. I can't see it even being better than Nitro though, seeing as it's lacking the finale. It has nothing on Behemoth anyway.


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Why the sudden interest in Nascar?

Yes, he was a famous driver with an unfortunate end, but really? They're pulling a Six Flags (sort of) with rides with the same name. The only difference is one has numbers and one doesn't. And the parks aren't terribly far apart, either. People will get confused about which park has which version of which rides, mostly those who live equal distance from them.

Please, for the love of god, don't have the Cedar Point ride be this...


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I really like the layout up to the MCBR, especially the S-drop. If it has the airtime of Diamondback, I think this will be the best out there. As a matter of trims, the animations for Diamondback and Behemoth showed the trims in the POV videos, but this one doesn't. While it's plausable it may be accurate, I highly doubt it'll be trimless. Just a matter of how much they bite.


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It's a unique coaster and a great addition to the park. I hope I'll be able to ride both Intimidators next year.