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Demolition of the Crazy Cops New York stunt show is underway at Movie Park Germany. It’ll be replaced by a new stunt show in 2023.

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The replacement stunt show now has a name — It'll be called Operation Red Carpet. The stunt team who worked on Crazy Cops New York will return with a new storyline that features "action like a real Hollywood film" and the largest quarterpipe ever constructed in Germany. The show won't be ready until at least June, however, and what exactly the main set will look like hasn't been revealed yet.



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After months of everyone assuming it was dead, it would appear that Enterprise at Alton Towers may have life in it yet, as they could possibly be putting it back together according to recent drone photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/ClzELOq...d&ig_mid=9DDE75A5-9E50-4776-A11D-0836D137E8F1
Intriguing… Enterprise’s resurgence was expected by few, but the prospect now doesn’t seem that far-fetched given that photo!

It’s dead and buried


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Bobbejaanland has settled on a design for the Indiana River re-theme for 2023. The park is going with the volcanic/Polynesian theme under the project name "Mystery Volcano" (whether that'll be the final name isn't decided yet). Belgian firm KCC Entertainment Design will be involved with the re-theme.



During the park's "Farewell Event" of the original Indiana River, guests were also provided a backstage tour of the ride:




The park has also confirmed that this re-theme is the first step in refurbishing that entire side of the park, with Oki Doki (Vekoma Junior coaster), Bob Express (Mack Powered coaster), the shooting dark ride El Paso, and the Wildwaterbaan log flume all receiving a cohesive re-theme in the future. In the meantime, Indiana River will remain open until the park closes for the season on November 13th before work begins on the re-do.

The revamped Indiana River will officially be called Terra Magma, and the ride re-opens this May.



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So seemingly the news is now that the nasty right-wing Florida politicians are backing down (presumably having realised the financial consequences of their political grandstanding).

Next instalment of the nasty right-wing Florida politicians fighting with their cash-cow has taken place...



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Walibi Belgium will open a new family ride this year. There's no details available on what it actually is or where it'll go, but it will be a separate investment from the new slides going into Aqualibi, a spokesperson for Compagnie des Alps has confirmed.

It’s been confirmed to be a Sidecar XL from Technical Park. Location and theming are yet to be detailed.



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Alton Towers are teasing a new member of the Retrosquad this season. To be fair, the could really market anything when they put their minds to it - it looks good 😆