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Sky Rocket - Premier Rides LSM for Kennywood 2010


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This coaster looks awesome now I've seen it running. The photos of it in construction didn't do it justice, it looks a really fun coaster. Great photos and videos!


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Well Jerry did say the restraints hurt at the back. The park have set up some riding rules.


Filicko said the ride is fun and safe, but it's not always comfortable for taller riders because they simply don't have enough leg room, and that's why park managers decided to make the fourth row off-limits to anyone over six feet tall.

At 6 feet 5 inches, Eric Wietfeld, from Kodiak, Alaska, experienced this first-hand.

“It was a little tight. My restraint system was tight, but the seat could have been a little bit bigger, but it was comfortable,” Wietfeld said.

Comfort is something the park promises to provide all Kennywood visitors, including Sky Rocket fanatics.

“One of the most important features of Sky Rocket is having a coaster that's comfortable that you can ride over and over,” Filicko said.

Kennywood said the ride was never shut down as a result of the row changes


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I believe it has to do with space. It doesn't look like there is much space, so it could be a reason.
Well.. I really didn't like it, haha. I was very disappointed, and that's even with going on it knowing that it should be mediocre, and nothing more.
Yah, I understand it wasn't meant to do too much, I just seriously thought it would be a little bit more fun than it actually was. I was just sitting there thinking, what the heck is this, the entire way through. Granted it was a lot better in the back, but still.


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Yeah, and you only thought that Shivering Timbers was bad after Marcus said it was.

^ No, as I was riding the ride, I said "what the hell is this?" so my opinion on Shivering Timbers had nothing to do with Marcus and what he thought. The ride got suckier after a few years.. The fact that I happened to agree with an opinion does not make me a sheep, and in case nobody realized, I still like the ride, just not as a top ten coaster.