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Most underrated uk coaster


Mega Poster
My two nominations are Dragon's Fury and Nemesis Inferno. Both of these coasters running on a hot day are beautiful, chaotic fun. During one visit to Chessington (I wanna say in 2013) Fury was running so fast that the on ride camera was missing the cars going by. The park was quite dead so we got more than a few rides in, a lot of fun being thrown around like rag-dolls. Perhaps more overlooked than underrated because I don't think I've ever heard anyone slag it off, but IMO it's one of our best coasters.

As for Inferno - I've never not felt wonderfully dizzy on the brake run. The layout might be a bit more on the basic side, but it's punchy as hell. Definitely underrated. I do wonder if it would have received a warmer welcome if they'd named it something else.


Hyper Poster
Dragons Fury is a great call, one of the best spinning coasters out there. Absolutely something to be pleased about yet so easily overlooked when Extreme Spinners will forever ruin the curve. As a standard model with no tricks its top notch, shows what a creative layout can do.


Mega Poster
I don’t think we have many underrated rides in the uk. Possibly Nemesis Inferno which is a good ride hampered by its name.

Can I give a special shout out to Velocity at Flamingo Land though. Nobody ever talks about this ride. It never gets near anyone’s top 10 list. It’s not cool to like it for some reason. But it’s a really good ride. As far as launch coasters go I prefer it to RITA. Sure that seated position gave me cramp at the end of the ride, but the forces are good and it’s a good fun coaster


Hyper Poster
I'd say Shockwave. I've never really understood why people never gave it the praise it deserved. I didn't find it all that rough or particularly uncomfortable. Sure the trains were quite tightly packed together, so you best be comfortable rubbing elbows with complete strangers, but I wouldn't say I ever found it painful if I positioned the restaint appropriately. I think the reason I rated it particularly high was down to the zero g. That element was stunning and still remains one of, if not the best inversion i've experienced (especially if you jumped at the point you started twisting up). Whilst the rest of the layout wasn't particularly special, it was fun enough and the uniqueness of the zero g certainly made up for the rest of the experience. It's just a shame people seemed to ignore that element. I am certainly going to miss it!

Flash Shift

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I agree with Shockwave, but I am biased since it was my first full scale major coaster (after the medium Klondike and Great Yarmouth's coaster). That Zero-G roll is a high I've been chasing years later, it's even better than the one on Nemesis in my opinion. It's such a shame to lose the unique Stand-Up Zero-G, but it might still be killer even on sit down ones. The vertical loop is also pretty good.