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Milestones in Your Counts


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ECG said:
I moved the replies to Lord Morton's post to a new topic in order to keep the discussion going without hijacking this one.
Tomatron said:
... my 200th woodie ... there's a good chance I'll do that when I'm in America for 8 weeks this summer!
Hate to break it to ya bud, but that ain't happ'nen. :p

Honestly thought there were at least 170 in the US alone! I'm staggered by that.

I've done about 60 of them in the US, and after reviewing my count I could probably get another 70 this year. Looks like I"ll have to bump up the woodie count in Europe and elsewhere!


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Growing up in Edmonton, there was no real exposure to any good coasters besides the Mindbender at West Edmonton Mall. So, that would have to be my 50 and 100. I've honestly ridden it over 1000 times so I'm sure that's gotta be it. :p


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Tomatron said:
Anaconda at Walygator was my 100th wooden coaster.
While I haven't been to France.... my 100th wood was the lovely Mighty Canadian Minebuster, meh

david morton said:
Re:200 woodies.... scared me to realise that RCDB only lists 175 woodies in the world - how many have gone defunct in the last few years :(

(I'm on something around 117 of them, most still there but ~15 gone)
My wood count is 150 :D ...but 24 (I think?) of them are gone now


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Jordanovichy said:
Jordanovichy said:
Jordanovichy said:
1-Sea Dragon (Hunstanton)
13-Turbo (Brighton), first inversion
25-Rita (Alton Towers)
50-The Big One (BPB)
75-Big Apple (Botton's)
100-Sheikra (BGT)

150-Crazy Caterpillar (Tir Prince)

200-Der Vleermuis left (Plopsaland de Panne)

Most Recent: 201-Der Vleermuis Right (Plopsaland de Panne)


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^ De vleermuis* You're confusing Dutch with German which is unacceptable :wink:

De vleermuis was my #75, which is also a milestone I guess.


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100) Expedition GeForce
150) Piraten (Djurs)
200) Gletscherbltiz (Steinwasen park)
250) Superman something Spanish (Parque Warner)
300) Kvasten (Grona Lund
350) Raptor Attack (Lighwater Valley)

I will probably reach the 400 in Gardaland in a few months, suggestions?


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I do my milestones different to everyone eLes but I know the true ones are 25 50 and so on.
1 Mighty Mini Mega
5 The Dragon
10 Indiana Jones and the temple of peril
15 Colossus
20 Dragons Fury
25 Wilde Maus XXL
30 Viktor's Racd
35 Nemesis
40 Rita
So if I go Blackpool with Cf my 50th will be there.


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Thought I'd updated this but I obviously didn't bother.

50 - Clown coaster, BPB - 2006 [UK]
100 - Xpress, Walibi World - 2006 [Netherlands]
150 - Dragon Flyer, Camelot, 2007 [UK]
200 - Runaway Train, Dunes Leisure, 2008 [UK]
250 - Vortex, Canada's Wonderland, 2008 [Canada]
300 - Volcano, Kings Dominion, 2008 [US]
350 - Scorpian, BGA, 2008 [US]
400 - Kong, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 2009 [US]
450 - Ghostrider, Knotts Berry Farm, 2009 [US]
500 - Supersonic Odyssey, Cosmo's World, 2010 [Malaysia]
550 - Kiddi Koasta, Adventure Island, 2011 [UK]
600 - Rotating Pulley, Century Park Shanghai, 2011 [China]
650 - Cobra, Attractionmania, 2013 [Russia]
700 - Mick Doohan's Motocoaster, Dreamworld, 2015 [Australia]

It was turd.


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Time for an update:
50. Twister, Lightwater Valley, UK, 2008
100. Furius Baco, Port Aventura, Spain, 2009
150. Formule X, Drievlet, Netherlands, 2010
200. Bomborun, Rainbow Magicland, Italy, 2011
250. Magic Mouse, Fuji Q, Japan, 2013
300. Family Banana Coaster, Yokohama Cosmoworld, Japan, 2013
400. Drachenjagd, Legoland Germany, Germany, 2014
500. Phaethon, Gyeongju World, South Korea, 2015


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I have still after all these years have not had the balls to get on The Big One at PB. I have done all the rides at Alton, every other ride at PB and most rides at Thorpe when I last went to Thorpe in 2008.

I don't know what it is, I have read for years that it's actually a fairly tame ride but every-time it comes to it, something about it just really unnerves me.


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Thought I'd update mine here as I'm due a milestone this year.

100: Caterpillar Capers, Camelot, UK, 2008
200: Troy, Toverland, The Netherlands, 2009
300: Sierra Sidewinder, Knott's Berry Farm, California, 2012
400: Poseidon, Europa Park, Germany, 2012
500: Formule X, Drievliet, The Netherlands, 2014
600: Speed Monster, Tusenfryd, Norway, 2014

So it seems I get my milestones in really weird intervals XD