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Mattel Adventure Park | Glendale Arizona | Theme Park


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That is some pretty unique track. The changing spine size is obviously an easy one to spot, but not an unusual practice. There are a lot of other features that are intriguing.

There are some pretty large stiffener plates welded to the spine and the column connections. The track ties are also stiffened considerable at the connections to the rails. I've never seen anything quite like that. Lastly, there are flanges midway up the cross ties with bolt holes, which could be for a number of items.



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So I drove by the place after I got off work today and while I don't believe this is the first time, the kiddie coaster got an outward banked hill on the opposite side of the building.

It also looks like a support is up for the Hot Wheels launch coaster finally.

I really need to drive by the place more often seeing as how I live 30ish minutes away and work maybe 15 minutes away

Edit: Also, this looks like the entirety of the layout is goin to be against the freeway. This is gonna be interesting to see.

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Not much to really update about. They are finishing up the outside of the building before more or less jumping onto the main coaster attraction.

The ride is going to launch out the back of the building towards the exit ramp for Cardinals Way (which looks to be the main entrance to it, with the prior exit of Camelback being secondary possibly). Outside of the station and the launch track, there is a lone support already up outside the building.

Also the outward banked hill on Boneshaker.

Fun fact: When you exit off the 17 onto the 101 Loop, you will be able to see these coasters off in the distance with the Cardinal Football Stadium behind it.

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putting a coaster on a roof like that and now letting it drop down to the bottom floors feels so silly to me