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Liseberg | Luna | Vekoma Family Boomerang | 2023

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Gothenburg's largest newspaper ran an article about Luna. The paper is amusingly called Göteborgsposten, GP. The article consists of mostly the basic GP stuff but the Liseberg spokesperson confirmed that all parts of the ride should be on site exept for the trains that are ready at the Vekoma factory.

We also got some prices. According to Liseberg, the coaster itself costs about 90 million SEK and the whole Luna Park area costs about 140 million SEK. About 9 million dollars for the coaster and 13.7 million dollar for the whole area. Nine million dollars sounds pretty expensive for a family coaster with only 240 meters of track.

There were also some pictures that we havnt see before. Here is a photo inside the station. Looks great in my opinion.

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And some more construction photos with Helix in the backround.

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Source and credit: https://www.gp.se/nyheter/göteborg/kika-in-på-bygget-av-lisebergs-nya-berg-och-dalbana-1.90395101
The budget file says 99 million sek. I think this is quite accurate. Expensive park to build coasters in.

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The spike as actually in its position. Crane is still there but it looks fantastic. Will try to get some pictures later.


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Hope they got some cool lights on that train. Helix and Lisebergbanan already look stunning in the dark and Luna would be another great addition to Liseberg's night sky.


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Liseberg have annouced their season premier on 22th of April. That day Luna will also open. Exited to get some opening day rides.