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Hutch's 2022 Trip Report Thread - Six Flags Great Adventure


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I'm constantly surprised how temperamental coasters can be, you would think a 500 ton engineering marvel would be more consistent.
Heres how I rank Helix over the years;
2014; Wow! Glass smooth, one of my favorite coasters. 9.5/10
2016; Wtf?! 2 yrs and its has this rattle? 7.5/10
2020; What??? Its definitely not glass smooth but so much better then my last ride. 8.5/10

Also yes, Balder is the best ride in the park imo.. :(


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Friday, July 22nd

Up until today, we had lucked out with the weather. Well, it wasn’t perfect... we were barely keeping ourselves ahead of the heatwave. Every single day was sunny in the high 80s/low 90s, and just about sweating our asses off everyday so far. Today was no different, except for the threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon.

It’s good thing that we decided to sack off Skara Sommerland from the trip (we made the decision during our stay in Hamburg). The cred run probably could’ve been done in joint of Kolmarden in one day, but we still had a four hour drive ahead of us from our hotel outside Gothenburg. Plus, Skara would’ve been purely a cred run, lacking any quality coaster. The S&S would’ve been cool as there’s literally nothing else like it in the world, but even then we would’ve had to sacrifice extra time on something much more attractive.

In fact, the looming thunderstorms sparked some cred anxiety in a park that shouldn’t have any at all.


We arrived at Kolmarden Wildlife Park around midday, with just under two hours before the first of multiple thunderstorms arrived.


We found the first cred, Godiståget, which was nowhere near the other two creds. Someone in our group needed both kiddie creds so he could make a certain coaster his 1200th (holy ****). We all got in line in what would probably be a 20 minute queue. But since the forecast looked iffy, a couple of us decided to abandon the cred so we could maximize our time on some sexy wood.


It took a while for me to figure out which coaster I was most excited for on this trip, but deep down, it was always going to be Wildfire.


In some ways, it’s better than expected. In other ways, it’s worse. But I’d say it does indeed live up to the hype.


Let’s get the drawbacks out of the way: depending on where you sit, it’s not the smoothest. There’s a bit of a woodie rattle going on, but not exactly the standard affair of other woodies. It’s definitely present in the very back, or on wheel seats towards the back. You notice the rattle more in the second half of the ride, but that’s mainly because the first few elements are so crazy that you don’t have time to recognize it. But it’s really not a problem so long as you sit in the front of a car. That’s how I dealt with Lightning Rod back when it was a pure woodie.

But in the grand scheme of things, it’s still in great shape for a wooden coaster. Knowing Lightning Rod’s pothole after the first drop (and obviously seeing how that ride turned out to be) and hearing reports on Outlaw Run getting rough, I could only fear how a zoo could maintain this ride, but it’s really not a big deal.

The other drawback is that, yes, it does exhaust itself at the end. While it doesn’t crawl on that last airtime hill, it slows the train down significantly, leaving little airtime and disrupting the flow. All they needed to do was lower the height of the last hill and it would’ve been fine. Those final s-bends are fun though.

So how was the ride better than expected? Well, it doesn’t exactly involve the ride itself, but how it’s operated: 95% of the time, the ride ops don’t push down on your restraint when checking. The amount of room I left myself would’ve given Cedar Fair or Six Flags a heart attack.

Their loading process is a bit cumbersome. Check the seat belt first, then you’re allowed to lower your restraint. Then they’ll verify on the system that everything is locked, and then they go and physically check your restraints. This last part is actually pretty quick: two of them will race down pulling up on all the lap bars, and if you managed three inches of room between your things and the restraint? No problem. And let me go and loosen my seat belt as we’re climbing the lift hill.

Also how cool is it that 5 year old kids can ride this thing?


And oh my god. That loose lap bar is the main reason why it broke into my Top 10. Wildfire made me its bitch, and ragdolled me around in every direction. This includes one of the best first drops in the world.


There's me getting yeeted in the back row. Look how high our heads go compared to the people in front of us!


The best stall in the world. Prior to this visit, I actually preferred Intamin’s take on the stall for the ragdolling. But this one threw me around even more, and being inside a dense wooden structure made it even cooler.



And further chaos in the outerbank and the following airtime hills and overbanks. The ride threw me around in ways that shouldn’t be allowed.


The other highlight is that last inversion, a whippy barrel roll taken at great speeds. Between this and the stall, Wildfire has two of RMC’s best inversions.


And I haven’t even mentioned the setting. Expectations for the views were high, and they were better than expected. It was seriously beautiful.


We got a few rides in, and eventually the rest of the group caught on to get their turn as well. As expected a swell of thunderstorms started rolling in, closing the ride down for a bit. That was the perfect time for lunch. In fact we barely managed to take cover from the heavy rain, right after we collected our food.



Delfinexpressen remained open, and the heavy rain scared off people in the queue, so we grabbed that quick once the rain calmed down.



The rain remained inconsistent moving forward. Thunder cells seemed to remain in the area, so Wildfire showed no signs of opening soon.


The other major attraction (arguably more important than Wildfire), Safari Sky Ride, had also closed down for weather. We waited around for a bit, before wandering nearby to the other enclosures in the meantime.


Saw some monkeys.


And shortly afterward Safari Sky Ride reopened. A few years back, I always wondered how a random zoo of all places could afford a giant RMC. But after seeing this ride, of course they can! It’s easily more expensive than Wildfire’s investment.



There’s not much to say about the ride that hasn’t already been said, but it’s much longer than I expected. Really glad we managed to ride it, as it’s definitely a must do.


You know all about these shots though. It’s seriously the best view from any park. Nothing quite like looking out on the Swedish bay with a big daddy RMC poking out.












Wildfire had opened back up during our gondola ride, so we managed a couple more rides on it before another storm came.


We even managed to get the last train before they shut it down again. It was even thundering in the distance before we got on. Going up the lift hill and seeing the torrential downpour across the bay was a sight to behold!

It was every man for themselves on the hike back to the entrance. Dark clouds rolled in, winds picked up significantly, and thunder kept getting closer (including a piercing lightning strike that was definitely less than a mile from us… super cool while a bit uncomfortable).

Got distracted by this thing:



We were about a minute away from the souvenir shop before the heavens opened up and baptized us.


We all tried to wait out the storm before heading out in the parking lot, but it didn’t show any signs of letting up. Pretty soon the catch basis couldn't keep up and a tsunami started flowing into the shop, which was our sign to skedaddle. We had a moist couple of hours in the van before arriving in Stockholm.


Of course, I ended up missing the other kiddie cred near the front of the park, but skipping it was ultimately the right move as it allowed a couple extra rides on Wildfire. The plan would’ve been to nab it on the way out (no way we’d be heading back and forth), but the storm killed that opportunity. Those extra couple Wildfire rides were valuable, because it wasn’t quite the whore session we hoped for, even in between the storms. One train operations kept the queue at around 10 minutes, which we shouldn’t be complaining about, but I was spoiled and wanted my walk-on rides that I kept hearing about.

When comparing it to other parks, Kolmarden is hard to rate as there isn’t really anything else like it. The only other “zoo with creds” I’ve done is the Columbus Zoo, which just had the basic kiddie woodie. As a zoo, Kolmarden is obviously much better, and it’s in a better location. But I have no idea how I’d rate it if it weren’t for the RMC. Regardless, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. I'd return in a heartbeat, especially since we didn't really get a chance to see some of the other enclosures.

Last park of the trip up next!
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Interesting to read your views on Helix, which are very similar to my own but definitely seem to be the minority view. Glad it's not just me though! 😆

Your day at Kolmarden sounds similar to ours too, although I had numerous rides on Wildfire in the train so I guess there is a threshold for how bad the storm is before they decide to close it. Based on that last photo it certainly rained more for you!


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Been slacking, but luckily this is the last part of this trip.

Saturday, July 22nd

My flight out of Stockholm was the next day, while most of the group would continue for a few more days hitting up some parks in Finland.

We ended up walking to the park from our hotel, which ended up taking around 40 minutes. We were in no rush, and it was a nice change from having to pile into the van.



Compared to all the other new parks on the trip, I actually wasn’t as excited for Gröna Lund, mostly because they didn’t seem to have that one world class or game changing coaster that all the other parks had. It was a pretty foolish thought, because we fell in love with the park pretty quickly, mostly thanks to its design which added a lot of charm. But it actually had a great ride selection, with a couple creds better than anything at a couple of the other parks.


First thing you see when you walk in:



Started off with Vilda Musen. We entered the park at about 10 minutes past opening, so it had already built up a sizable queue, but we sucked it up to knock it out of the way (the queue remained consistent throughout the day too).



Like the one at Djurs, I thought they had just plopped down a standard wild mouse in the middle here, so it was nice to try another Gerst Bobsled. It was equally as fun as Thor’s Hammer too. While Thor had the better layout and landscaping, this one was all about the interaction with Jetline.



Cedar Fair should also take a page out of the operations here too. Instead of overloading too many trains, staff would just occasionally send out an empty train to prevent any unnecessary stacking on the brake run. I really appreciated this, as it didn’t slow the queue down at all (it’d literally take them 10 seconds to send it out and bring up the next train), and you wouldn’t be stuck on the brake run for five minutes.

Being low capacity, we figured Insane would also gain a lengthy queue, so we knocked that out as well. This was my first Intamin zacspin, and I interested to see how it fared against the S&S free spins. I’ve heard horror stories about these, so expectations were quite low.


It was actually mostly tame throughout the ride. We didn’t actually get a real flip until the last hop into the brakes, but otherwise it was mostly bobbing and weaving throughout the course. The main thing that felt different from the free spins is that the turnarounds/raven turns/whatever you call them felt more like drops as opposed to some kind of inversion. Since we more or less stayed in an upright position, these elements gave some unexpected airtime.

Looking back, it was actually kind of fun, and I’d probably ride it again if it weren’t for the tedious loading process on these things. But these types or rides are hard to enjoy at the moment since you’re focused on bracing yourself for anything unpleasant.

Ok, how come nobody talks about Jetline? This thing is genuinely amazing. We were all surprised at how good it was, and immediately went around for another go since it was a walk-on. The big takeaway is that this ride probably has the best positive g-forces on just about any ride I've done.

I think I expected maybe one good moment and then your typical turns and inclines, but everything about it was fantastic. The first drop is actually reminiscent of Beast’s drop into the helix: comically shallow while visually cool as it slowly builds up speed, before diving into that tunnel and that tight pullout. The forces aren’t sustained, but they’re quick bursts that **** you up.


The big turnaround by Kvasten and Twister have some great laterals as well as some amazing visuals. Swooping over Twister is a great chance to see how everything is weaved in between.

Then the next drop. You ever play RCT and build a coaster with those steep sharp turns? That’s this. Oh man, it has airtime, laterals, and positives in such a short amount of time that not many modern coasters can even do, and you're left overwhelmed with how a ride from the ‘80s can do such a thing.

And it’s not even over from there. While the first half of the ride is vastly superior, the second half still provides plenty of helices and intensity, all with near misses and a fast pace. Even the multiple MCBRs don’t break up the flow, if anything they provide a moment of relief and allow you to contemplate how crazy this ride is.

We all loved it, and—since we missed out on Balder—it’s easily the second best coaster in Sweden and my new favorite Schwarzkopf. The operations were some of the best I’ve ever seen too, even better than Lisebergbanan’s. From opening the airgates, it never took longer than 20 seconds to dispatch, thanks to nobody needing to check your restraint (though honestly if it weren’t for that wild drop, you probably wouldn’t even need the restraint). And they ran three trains, but half the time there wouldn't even be a train on the brake run.


Right around the corner of course was Twister. Even with Monster's installation, I’d still argue that this is the most impressive coaster they’ve managed to design in this space. Monster is able to get away with some elements by staying elevated above the park, but Twister feels more restricted when it comes to packing in its tight layout.



It was good fun. It doesn’t quite reach the level of excitement and thrills that some of the other family GGs achieved, which I think comes down to its pacing. It tries to pack a bunch into the layout with the modest momentum it has.



But it’s still just as fun as the more thrilling models, thanks to its setting and visual appeal. This ride is a great example of extremely tight clearances on all the coasters—you can actually slap the track above you as you go up the lift hill. We didn’t dare keep our hands up after that!





Most of the rides don’t have a lot of theming, relying mostly on the Gröna Lund charm to make up for the visual appeal. But Kvasten actually has some pretty good theming.



And because of that it’s obviously more interesting than its clone in Florida. While not as thrilling as Orkanen, some of the helices are still pretty good.








Had a couple of kiddie creds to grab, including the Tivoli model Nyckelpigan


And Tuff-Tuff Tåget, the last kiddie cred of the trip, and the most shameful of all.


Ok, onto the main event.



This one actually took a while to get on. We had saved Monster for last knowing that a B&M invert shouldn’t have an issue taking care of everyone, but we were surprised to see that it had a pretty long queue. It ultimately came down to it only being one train operations, which was pretty blasphemous for a Saturday, especially for your new cred. I had to think they were having issues with the other train that day—the ride actually had a delayed opening, so they probably gave up and were like “let’s just get this bitch open.”


In fact, they were clearly having some issues with the train they were using. There were a couple of instances where dispatches took around 7 minutes each, and those two cycles had the front two rows empty for whatever reason. But otherwise, operations seemed fine. It still took us 45 minutes to get on, but it should’ve been less than that thanks to the delays and our extra wait for the front row.


While I had a feeling back row would’ve been the better ride, front row is definitely something to prioritize if you can. It has some of the best views from an interaction standpoint. The swooping drop in particular is special as you’re facing the water before pulling out, but the rest of the ride has some exciting visuals as you fly in between buildings and rides, narrowly missing your feet.


As for how it rides, the inversions were actually the weakest part of the ride, which is a shame as they’re typically the best moments on B&M inverts. That’s not to say they’re bad or wasted, but instead of the snappy goodness, they’re more floaty and graceful.



The really good parts are the moments where there’s actually some intensity, including some forces in the turns in between those bigger elements. Some of the (understandably) taller elements don’t quite hit, but the layout has some tighter turns to make of for that, and everything is obviously elevated by the visuals.




There’s even a surprise bunny hop towards the end, which is a rare moment on an invert.




But the first drop is still the best moment. Between the visuals, the twist down, and the forces at the bottom, it gets you.

Also, look at this thicc boi!


Cred run complete, it was time to check out some of the other stuff. Some of the others really wanted to do the fun house, Lustiga Huset, which wasn’t really my style, so I reluctantly joined.

But I ended up doing something I’d never done before: I exited the fun house about 3/4 of the way through. You see, it was around 2PM, and I was getting pretty hangry at this point, and I knew I needed some fuel or else I’d start to feel sick. Since we only had until 3:30 PM in our park ticket, the rest of the group wanted to delay their meal until after the park, and use our precious time riding things. To me, that meant that we wouldn't find food until after 4PM, between leaving the park, walking around, and being indecisive until picking a restaurant (spoiler alert, they didn’t eat until 5). And the fun house was not doing me any favors. It wasn’t even that special honestly. Sure, some of the things were cute, but the entire time I was thinking “Why are we doing this.” Once I found a small queue for the slides at the end of the house, that was it for me. I broke off from the group, found the nearest exit, and got food on my own.

It was a good decision for me, and the meal was actually pretty solid. Probably the best park food of the trip, and all (including a drink) for under $10.
(Refills were also apparently 10 SEK, but that didn’t stop me from refilling it on my own anyway. If they really want to charge you, maybe move the soda fountains to a place where guests can’t access them?)


Beyond the creds, another ride on the checklist was the dive drop tower, Icarus. We rode some pretty awesome drop towers on this trip, but this one is the best. In fact, Falcon’s Fury can step aside: this is my new favorite drop tower. While these kinds don’t have the sudden airtime like others, facing the ground really is such a special feeling. And the view of Stockholm made it more exciting than Falcon’s Fury.

I actually didn’t do any other flat rides. I would’ve liked to do the Star Flyer, but I was mostly interested in the views and I felt like Icarus satisfied that. We didn’t have a lot more time left in our morning session, so I wanted to prioritize rerides on coasters.

And that meant easy re rides on Jetline. Then I went back and got in the queue again for Monster. They had gotten more consistent with dispatching, so the wait was only 15 minutes. I was able to request back row, and I gotta say, while the front is something to prioritize for the unique view, the back rides so much better. Right out of the gate, the first drop is much more intense. That includes the whip that the ride was otherwise lacking, and even heavier g’s at the bottom. The rest of the elements were taken much quicker too.



As we get back into the station, I barely had to the chance to raise my restraint when the ride op said “You guys want to ride again?”. Turns out nobody lined up for the back row… don’t mind if I do!

Sadly the other guys weren’t able to get their rerides in: they closed the queue for Monster 30 minutes before the end of the session (likely why I was able to get that sneaky bonus ride). But since Jetline continue to be a walk-on, that remained open. Let’s grab a few more rides on that then!


We all would’ve loved to stay in the park for a bit longer, but obviously the end of the session forced us out. It’s kinda annoying… cutting the operating hours in half while maintaining the ticket price (though we can’t complain because our ACE memberships got us in for free). While we had no issues getting all the creds with plenty of rerides, it would’ve been nice to at least have to option to stay a bit longer, or go at a more leisurely pace. But it seems like it was a good business decision, as they essentially double their park days/ticket sales (the place was indeed packed).

Gröna Lund is so cool though. We all loved it! It’s the best park in the country, and the location is fantastic. The aesthetics and lack of theming isn’t really my style (I’m more drawn to the other parks from this trip), but the design and setting more than make up for it. This will certainly be a park to return to, especially when they get that new Vekoma looper (or whatever it is)... that’ll be killer.

The silver lining about the half day ticket—and the convenient location—was that we finally had an afternoon and evening free to relax, which was much needed after a week long cred haul.





We sat down for some food, took a nap, got some drinks, and a couple of us scooted on down to Trädgården. I’m far from a club guy, but this was easily the coolest one I’ve been to.



Luckily my flight out wasn’t until the afternoon the next day, so we could afford a late night out to end off the trip.


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I’ll do another one of these posts at the end of the year culminating everything, but I figured I’d do a recap of this trip.

This was one of the best trips I’ve ever done, if not the best. All the parks we visited were fantastic, we rode some incredible coasters, and it was easily the biggest cred haul I’ve done on a trip. It’ll be a while before I do another mega international trip like this, at least to this extent.

New Creds: +46
Total Creds Ridden: 50
Total Coaster Rides: 85
Most Ridden: Piraten x9
Best Flat: Icarus

Parks Ranked:

Djurs Sommerland
Heide Park
Farup Sommerland
Grona Lund
Hansa Park
(Thorpe Park)

It's also worth noting that each park had its own unique feel. Heide has a traditional theme park resort feel, Hansa has the elite theming, Djurs is well put together, Farup is adorable, Liseberg feels very classic, Kolmarden is obviously its own thing with the zoo in the forest, and Grona is RCT. Oh, and Thorpe is Thorpe lol.

Best Coasters from the Trip


And honorable mention to Bobbahn!


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I’ll do another one of these posts at the end of the year culminating everything, but I figured I’d do a recap of this trip.

This was one of the best trips I’ve ever done, if not the best. All the parks we visited were fantastic, we rode some incredible coasters, and it was easily the biggest cred haul I’ve done on a trip. It’ll be a while before I do another mega international trip like this, at least to this extent.

New Creds: +46
Total Creds Ridden: 50
Total Coaster Rides: 85
Most Ridden: Piraten x9
Best Flat: Icarus

Parks Ranked:

Djurs Sommerland
Heide Park
Farup Sommerland
Grona Lund
Hansa Park
(Thorpe Park)

It's also worth noting that each park had its own unique feel. Heide has a traditional theme park resort feel, Hansa has the elite theming, Djurs is well put together, Farup is adorable, Liseberg feels very classic, Kolmarden is obviously its own thing with the zoo in the forest, and Grona is RCT. Oh, and Thorpe is Thorpe lol.

Best Coasters from the Trip


And honorable mention to Bobbahn!
very surprised at how high you rank Heide Park. I went recently and felt something was missing from every ride, watered down, out of date etc...

Very nice trip report all in all, I'm planning to do the main Swedish parks in 2023 so it's good to hear your experience, thanks!


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very surprised at how high you rank Heide Park. I went recently and felt something was missing from every ride, watered down, out of date etc...
I definitely liked it more than others in the group (most of them were kinda cranky as they were on a couple hours of sleep and had to deal with Amsterdam security). I'm much more attracted to European parks moreso than American style, and Heide just had that familiar setup of "big pond in the middle with rides surrounding it" design which I really like, and it worked. I loved the architecture too, especially towards the front and up on the hillside. And the ride lineup is pretty balanced. Colossos is everything I could've hoped for in that type of ride, and Bobbahn, Flight of the Deamons, Krake, and Desert Race are all solid supporting rides to keep you entertained. And I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff I haven't explored yet.

But for the most part it all comes down to the ride lineup when comparing these parks, except for Grona Lund and Kolmarden, which have an entirely different feel. The rest are all very pretty and have genuine efforts in theming, architecture and landscaping, so it's really just what rides are you drawn to.

So that's why stuff like Hansa and Liseberg round out last because they lacked a standout coaster (I'm sure Balder would've fit that bill).

And Djurs and Farup are elevated because of how incredible the staff were. But if it weren't for Fonix, I'd bump Farup down much lower as the next best thing there is the family suspended.


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Great write-up of Grona, again with very similar thoughts to mine (apart from Insane 🤮) and I agree - best park in Sweden.

Looks like you had a great trip overall!


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Only two weeks after my Europe adventure, I was back at it with another weekender. A group of us planned to hit up Coastin’ by the Ocean at Morey’s Piers, which, for once, didn’t require a plane ride for me to get to.

So that finally gave me an excuse to pick up a notable cred on the way down.

Friday, August 12

Flashback summer of 2019. I did my second visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. It was the worst visit I’ve ever had at a theme park. I’ll spare you the details (here’s the link if you’re interested in all my thoughts then), but I had never felt more unwelcome and more appalled by a theme park. I told myself they would need a new RMC to coerce me to return. Well, a month after that visit, they announce the damn raptor.

After picking up my friend from Newark airport and escaping traffic, we popped into the park Friday evening.

Jersey Devil Coaster is a great addition to the park, and probably their best coaster now. We got a few rides pretty easily. The highlight is first drop, which is absolutely wild in the back row. The stall is my next favorite element after that.

Everything else is pretty good, but I couldn’t help but wonder if something was off during my rides. I had heard some reports that the single rails can be a little rough in between some of the transitions. While that wasn’t the case here, it didn’t seem to flow as well as some of the other RMCs. This was my first single rail, so perhaps the unfamiliarity contributed to it.


The other minor annoyance I had were the shoulder collars. There was plenty of airtime, but it kept digging into my shoulders, similar to what I thought of Fonix. So overall it’s not the elite ride I saw potential in, but great stuff nonetheless.

I also LOVE the loading process of these models. RMC have designed them so that even the most incable of operators couldn’t screw this up.

Did a quick ride on Nitro, which I previously thought was one of the better B&M hypers. But I gotta say, this was not hitting like it used to. We did back row, and while it was a little smoother than I remember, and there was airtime on every hill, it just didn’t leave me impressed like it used to. Having ridden Goliath at Over Georgia more recently, I can confirm that it’s fallen for me.

Our last bit of business was a redemption ride on El Toro. When I rode it for the first time a few years ago (after being spited four years prior), I was far from impressed. It was rough, and the airtime hurt badly. That being said, I realized this visit that the painful airtime was a result of my whore session on Skyrush the day before. So no pain this time. But the other notable factor was the retrack they did last year. So hopefully it’ll be better?


The short answer is… yes… sort of. We just did one ride towards the back, and while I was actually able to enjoy the airtime, I didn’t think the ride was in much better shape than before. The first half had some rattle in the valleys, and it gets worse in the turnaround, but everything after the rolling thunder hill is just bad. I guess it was only a matter of time this thing teared itself apart, so hopefully the park will actually put in the effort to restore it much like Colossos and Balder.

But regardless, I got my one ride in, and was happy at that. I had a much better time than my previous rides, but it was far from the god-tier reputation it’s had for over a decade. So I was okay with not getting more rides (we were short on time anyway). Colossos is much better, and honestly if El Toro was smooth, I’d probably still prefer Colossos as I think it’s a better layout anyway.

Anyway, we were in and out in an hour. Three rides on Jersey Devil, and a ride each on Nitro and El Toro. I used to hate this park, and while I knew this would’ve been my best time here given the short visit, but they really stepped it up with their operations. Jersey Devil, Nitro, and El Toro had teams that had genuine effort and energy to get these trains moving. It’s exactly the kind of thing Six Flags needs to prioritize, and it seems like they’re aiming for that moving forward.
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