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Hi All Orlando parks Q’s


Roller Poster
Hey all new to the forum here, I’m from the uk but my first trip to the Us is planned in summer and it’s to Orlando parks universal, SeaWorld and bush gardens. I’m wondering about something that’s confusing me, No matter who’s blogs I watch can you take you’re phone into the queue line say if you have zipped pockets? Or is it all in lockers ?
It depends on the park/ride The only ride where you're not allowed your phone in the queue is Hulk at IOA, the other rides either have some sort of locker or let you keep stuff in pockets.


Strata Poster
On Velocicoaster, there are pre-ride lockers, but they are integrated into the Q so you are only without your stuff for the last bit of the Q and the ride itself - you can't have any loose items at all on Velocicoaster (there are metal detectors after the locker-section of the Q to prevent this).