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Hansa Park Announce 2 New Attractions for 2020


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Looks like a nice addition for families. I’m not at all surprised about Die Glocke leaving, it was quite clearly on it’s last legs when I rode it back in May!


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The Bell was one of those rides I would always walk past on my way to Störtebecker and go "...maybe? Nah". Oh well.

Looks like the intent is to make that whole back area Pirate-themed. Maybe some extra decals on Kärnan's back wall could help facilitate that.

Edit: It's not a Splash Battle. It looks like a small log flume rather, and the text describes it as such.
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RIP the Bell - It was actually a lot of fun! but only 6/8 people every 2 minutes didn't bode well for capacity - and now that Hansa has become a 'must do' park in Europe since Karnan - they just can't sustain a ride with such a low throw-put

I wonder if the new development will utilise a re-theme of there mini log flume (currently viking themed).

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They should of built a dark ride really as the park is in need of one, but still the bell was a pointless ride.


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Work on Hansa's new area halted during lockdown and it will now be opening 2021. Compared to the other German parks which reopened around the end of May, the state Hansa is in didn't permit them to reopen until last week.
A look at the new rides.

One of the owners, Claudia Leicht, spoke recently in an interview to say an investment programme for the next few years worth 25million euros has been put on hold. Before they continue they must pay off a LfW loan.
The park have also introduced some midweek closed days in September when crowds would be low.


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The new kids area and rides postponed from last year have been progressing well - however interestingly Hansa Park have renamed Fluch von Novgorod their Eurofighter that opened in 2009. The website hasn't been fully updated yet but the new park map and prospectus confirm it.

The ride is now called.... "Flucht von Novgorod". (Escape from Novgorod - opposed to the previous "Fluch von Novgorod" which meant Curse of Novgorod)

This new name was actually trademarked back in January. https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/marke/register/3020210010333/DE