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Futuroscope | Mission Bermuda | Mack Rocking Boat Ride | 2024


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Seems this has gone a bit under the radar. But Futuroscope have announced their 2024 ride as the first installation of Macks interesting looking rocking boat ride system.

The ride called Mission Bermuda will have a number of show scenes and I guess by the long straight section a proper drop.


Here's Mack's promo for the rocking boat concept

Here's a quote from the article about the ride system

Mission Bermuda consists of a hybrid Rocking Boat type attraction. A mix of scenic boat trips and the aquatic variation of a roller coaster. Installed on an area of 1.38 hectares, it will include a large exterior part and an interior. The course will notably be punctuated by two falls, one of 15 meters and the second behind, a rapids zone and an elevator.

The Rocking Boat transport system is developed by the famous German company Mack Rides , specialized in the design and production of large capacity attractions. This mixed system allows movements at height with high speeds and strong sensations. Movements in pools or canals without the water current being the vector of movements, which can appear unexpected, mysterious, integrating perfectly into the scenography of the course. Mission Bermuda will be the first of its kind in operation in the world.

Source (in french) - http://starparc.be/2022/01/une-nouv...Ol3w0SznLxi_j6sKVQqVcxvPjJIpE&mibextid=Zxz2cZ


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It was originally planned for 2024, but has been pushed back to 2025. In 2024, Futuroscope will be opening two new family rides and a family theater. The rides are an ART Engineering Wild Swing (like FamilyPark in Austria is also adding) and a baby flume from either Zamperla or Soquet. The family theater will show family friendly films.


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The concrete troughs for Mission Bermuda are now going in