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Fuji-Q | Unknown | Intamin Multi-Launch Motorbike? | 2023


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I'm going to double down and say there is no way this is Intamin.

First, I know that Intamin frequently changes their track design, but notice how un-Intamin-like this cross-tie design is? There is no horizontal cross tie member like nearly every other Intamin built in the last 20 years...


Also, looking back at some of the track pieces laying around, the connection design does not match what Intamin has done the past few years. Compare this first photo of this Fuji-Q track to the two subsequent photos from Namazu...





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Very good spot. If its not Intamin though who would it be?

I do enjoy a good mystery. Its now almost as good as the Warner Brothers Madrid coaster.


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Nah I'm sorry, it's still too Intamin-like for me to not think it's a knock-off. Also it's in Japan, not China. I think it might be a new model from Intamin, personally.


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Well, I'm going to play devil's advocate against myself and point out that the track connection at the top of the Parque Warner Madrid track is very similar to that of this coaster:


So maybe it is Intamin. There are just a lot of oddities about it.


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Interesting indeed. The track-track connections are more in line with the new LSM coaster track than Multi Dimension coaster.

The crossties have to be an illusion, it *has* to have them. I distinctly remember during Movie Park Studio Tour construction, there were a few crossties that were so thin that they disappear in low-quality pictures. Assuming that's what's occurring here.

EDIT: beat me to it haha
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@i305_zack I wanted to know the same a few weeks ago. I found no sign that it might be up again. No news article or anything. I even skimmed through some japanese vlogs and didn't see it running.