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Flamingo Land | Unknown | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster


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Its a shame intamin didnt make the airtime hill into the cobra roll more prominent when they made the revision changes. Its the only respite in what is otherwise a bland layout.
Agreed but think it is hindered by going underneath the corkscrew which must have stopped them.


I had heard from my source with a direct connection to the park that they'd already had to delay it because there were "problems" with footer placement and groudworks, so this isn't totally out of the blue!


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I was under the impression they left when some of the footers were incorrectly laid and said they’d come back when they had time

Not the biggest fan of that colour on the trains tbh and either way if two trains are delivered I doubt it will ever run them both simultaneously
Well spotted Josh... To be fair with planning as strict as it is at the minute, I never doubted that this would happen, or an application to vary the original application.

**we applied again to vary the conditions of our extractor fan application to allow longer operating hours, still no joy 🤬🤬🤬


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Good to see the trains arrive and the track being painted. I was worried for a moment they'd somehow keep it faded red and horrible yellow.

I think the green train(s) would look fine on a black/grey colour scheme.

I wonder if there is a 2nd train - the park that ordered it could have only purchased one in the first place!