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Efteling | Spookslot Replacement | Intamin Dynamic Motion Stage | 2024


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To save most of us having to translate it, basically...
Management at the park are disappointed that some images have been leaked and they're not sure how it happened. They've said "leaked information is not always correct" but that it's also nice to see that people are so excited to discuss the new attraction.


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It’s Spookslot’s last week of operation and dirt has already been dug in the area between it and Max & Moritz. Looks like they’re getting ready to tear it out as soon as next week.


Pic taken by me just an hour ago.
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The first 'Making of' video is here, and it's looking excellent!

Also, this was the thumbnail before the video loaded...

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 09.33.15.png

And a screen shot to back it up - in the video, each individual set of seats seems to rotate, as well as the huge platform that has at least 3 DOF. Really impressive bit of kit.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 09.37.59.png

Some really good clips of the ride in action from 5 minutes. Seems it has a vertical height difference of 3m and can pitch 25º
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More information about the ride system appears to have been accidentally posted by Intamin:

The official name is Dynamic Motion Stage, and the concept was developed for Efteling specifically, with the intent to then sell the ride system to other parks later on. The plateau has a diameter of 18 meters and starts the cycle at a floating position of 6.2 meters off the ground. During motion, the platform is capable of ”bouncing” up and down at speeds of 1.5 meters a second, but is also capable of a ”zero-g” freefall at 3.2 meters a second (11.5km/h).

The ride is able to seat up to 108 passengers across six individual smaller platforms, which also come with the option to tilt at five degrees separately from the main plateau. Each seat has individual lap bars and is apparently able to support on-board audio and vibration effects, as well as ”wind and smell” effects should the buyer choose to include them.


Intamin sells it mainly as a screen-based experience, but buyers are able to use it for practical sets, which is what Efteling has done.




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Efteling has put on a new street performance show themed to Danse Macabre:

Spookslot's main tower is also now in the process of coming down:



Some of the interior decors is now visible in daylight due to the walls surrounding them coming down (including a set of curtains that apparently weren't removed before demolition began).



Though some of it has been handled more carefully than others:




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I am not too sure about the new ride, for now... The whole rotating seat system sounds to me like a good product showcase for the ride engineer, but I don't feel the combination of the visual theme and the chosen ride system yet. But of course we don't know that much details yet. So I might become positively surprised in the end.


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^ I was hesitant at first too, but I think paired with the soundtrack, it'll feel like the ride system is 'dancing' with the surroundings, and I think that could be something really special. The piece of music sort of lends itself to something like this, at least in my opinion.


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I think that concept video looks pretty rad - I also completely agree that the music suits a ‘swirling waltz’.

Otherwise, the most striking thing from the concept video to me was the curious use of the word ‘abundant’. Huh. Can something that is theoretical truly be ‘in abundance’? Hmm. I’ve earmarked this grammatical and philosophical quandary to a 3am thinking session, to be contemplated right after I’ve solved ‘what am I doing with my life?’