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Drayton Manor Resort Five Year Plan 2022 - 2026

Regardless of who's making the train, Theme Park Worldwide have confirmed that it'll feature lapbar restraints in their "The Last Stand" vlog. Not sure how they know this but given that Shawn was chatting with Victoria Lynn a while back and DM have just given him a load of Shockwave signage, the park has probably just told them this info. Lapbars will definitely be a welcome improvement over the bulky Intamin OTSRs though.

(see 01:30)
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Little digging, these are ART Engineering trains - which I believe are currently found on Impulse, Cannibal and Wicked.

I didn't realise that Zierer subcontracted these trains to ART, but, if you look at the order of build from Wicked > Bombora > Cannibal, it seems to make sense that the park went with ART direct instead of Zierer.