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Coaster with the strongest smell?


Giga Poster
Which coaster for you regularly has the strongest smell connected with it?

For me, it’s Great Escape’s Comet, the lift hill on which has a strong smell of fresh grease (in a good, old-school sort of way, I’d say).

Is there one that sticks out in your memory?


Giga Poster
The Madagascar Infinity Coaster at Motiongate. That whole indoor section has a sweet scent pumped in (possibly popcorn) and it smells amazing.

Wickerman is a good shout too because the smoke in the tunnels smells like scare mazes.
I’ve never heard of the scent thing with the one at Motiongate. Does that somehow fit the theming?


Hyper Poster
The Dreamworks bit at Motiongate is a huge indoor section, almost a whole theme park in itself split into different areas. There's a Shrek one, a How To Train Your Dragon one and a Madagascar one themed to a carnival. When you walk into the Madagascar section from other parts of the building this sweet smell hits you, it's like something is being baked but the smell fills the whole area including the coaster and a few smaller flats. When I think about the Infinity Coaster (which is fantastic) the main memory is how good it smelled. I think it fitted the carnival theme but I can't remember anywhere else at Motiongate having smell pods.


Mega Poster
Not a coaster, but the original King Kong ride at Universal Studios Florida used so many fire effects that you could smell burning natural gas an entire block away from the attraction entrance.


Hyper Poster
1. Strange but true...Drayton Manor had their own plastic "smellies" scent created for Shockwave when it first opened.
Plastic discs scattered round the ledges and windowsills, to cover the smell of the crowd in the confines of the queue shed.
2. The smell of the Space Invader queue at Blackpool, on a wet, hot summers day...memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Smells like teen spirit.
I wish.


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Hyper Poster
Not specific to coasters, but Europa-Park seems to dose their waters with so much chlorine that you get that swimming pool smell following you throughout almost the entire park. Atlantica SuperSplash is particularly egregious with it.


Strata Poster
I couldn't think of one for a while but then I remembered Smiler's restraints smelling pretty funky. Anyone else have similar thoughts?

That was back in 2014... maybe they've hung up some car fresheners since then?


Roller Poster
Not a coaster but I remember the old Star Tours at DLRP had a very specific smell... not sure how to describe it tho


Giga Poster
Has to be Wickerman for me, it’s the only coaster that I know the smell of without actually being next to it. The smell pods they use has such a strong and distinct smell...

I guess it does also help that I’ve the oil for it from Aroma Prime though haha.


Roller Poster
Also not a coaster but Professor Burps Bubbleworks at Chessington used to smell HEAVENLY didn't it. No clue what it was, just a beautiful sweet smell.

Also also, I remember visiting Thorpe Park with family in the summer of '05 when some company & the park thought it would be a great idea to hand out free strawberry yoghurt drinks at the entrance. The smell of which filled the XNWO exit walkway after my brother threw his up. I can still smell that ungodly mixture of strawberry and vomit. Would still take that over TWD though.