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Chessington ANOTHER new rollercoaster?

Matt N

CF Legend
While Chessington Buzz are mostly trustworthy, I don’t see Chessington getting a roller coaster for 2024. At very least, I don’t see them getting a substantial roller coaster for 2024.

It’s only 3 months until the new season. For anything other than a very small roller coaster, that is way too much of a quick turnaround when we didn’t even see any construction before the season was out.

If what Chessington Buzz are saying is a genuine rumour, the only type of coaster I can see being vaguely plausible at Chessington for 2024 is some kind of kiddie coaster, maybe to replace Scorpion Express if it is defunct as many suggest. Octonauts was built in 2 months at Alton Towers without any planning permission, so a kiddie coaster would be doable.

But I think the ship sailed a long time ago for any kind of major 2024 coaster for Chessington at this point.


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Fixed it.