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If the Labor Day (Sept. 7) announcement date is correct, there are only eight days left of speculation until Whyte Lightning strikes!

Also, three days ago, on Twitter, Cedar Point posted,
Two down...one to go.

And along with that, look at what happens when you click on this link:




The Legend
The same thing happened with the Intimidator websites before they opened them to the public. :)


Giga Poster
Cedar point's latest facebook update is now telling us that the release date of the information is on the 3rd, at 09:10.
9:10 in the morning? That seems kind of random to me but eh it's better that it's earlier since I have school registration later on.

Yay finally, I'm excited to be disappointed :p .


Roller Poster
Tony Clark, via Pointbuzz:
"I'll save you some trouble - there's no significance to the announcement date or time. There's a reason why it's at 9:10, but it has nothing to do with the product we're announcing. It's more of a housekeeping thing.
Also, there is no in-park event. It's all being done online.
Now who wants some Whyte Lightning?"



FUN... as in Cedar Fair (NYSE:FUN)... as in Cedar Point? Dippin' Dots are cold... Whyte Lightning beverages are cold... ZOMG!


My 60th post.

Anyway... 1 day, 19 hours, 27 minutes to go!
Oh shush you guys with your Dippin' Dots stand! :p

If nothing is being done in the park, I highly doubt it's gonna be a huge thing.. But not RED DIPPIN DOTS.. Dippin dots are so whack anyway, I hate ice cream and these are just whacker versions of something I already found very whack to begin with.


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I thought Canadians liked cold stuff...guess not...
Marc, I can always count on you!

I'm not getting my hopes up for this.


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Error said:
It's obviously super toilets.

Just like the toilet Obama bought for $4000. :lol:

When does halloweekends start? It's only the very beginning of September right now.

Uncle Arly

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I'll be awake by the time they announce; 14:10 here in good ole' Blighty.

I'm intrigued as to what it will be. I hope we're all surprised, (in a good way) I doubt it though.