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Alton Towers - If SW8 is a GCI, then what will SW9 be?

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SW9 confirmed



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Why is this thread in the News section? This, and the similar Thorpe thread, is not even speculation, it's "wish listing". As long as it's not based on announced news - or even rumours - I think it would do better in General Discussion.

That being said, I like a good wish list. My first wish for Alton is a continuation of the ideas of Maverick, Helix and Taron: Some coaster that goes fast, but not high, and does things right. Alton shouldn't need to pump money into barely working gimmicks if off-the-shelf solutions can work so well. Rita is a coaster that launches and then meanders around to bleed speed, but launched coasters have come so much further since then. A multi-launcher below the tree line could be a good addition to Alton.

It may be allowed to hope that the "Robocoaster" concept utilized by Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey gets cheaper and more accessible in time for SW9. Applied properly, it could be used for a ride so disorienting and fun that not even the S&S 4D coasters can compare. The system is incredibly complex, though, so it would warrant a big building to house it.

Alternately, they could create the world's first coaster purpose-built for VR. I have faith in the technology, but it needs to be fully integrated in the project to reach its full potential. Make a "story" first, then see what coaster elements you need to realize it. It doesn't need to be more fancy or expensive than what is currently done on Air - sorry, "Galactica" - but it needs a coherent plan and good direction.


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Moved because yeah, there's no news or rumour here.


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ATI said:
Errr it is also in the rumors section m8

Correct... But just guessing what SW9 will be isn't a rumour.
"a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth."
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