1. Matt N

    Adventureland (Long Island) | Fireball | RES Roller Ball | 2022

    Hi guys. It would appear that Adventureland in Long Island (the park home to Turbulence) has announced that they are building North America’s first RES Roller Ball for 2022: I’m not sure what layout this is, but it should certainly be an exciting addition!
  2. Matt N

    Storyville Gardens theme park coming to Nashville, Tennessee

    Hi guys. Yesterday, a new theme park was announced as coming to Nashville, Tennessee, and its name is Storyville Gardens! Some of the basic info I can gather is: 100 acres Themed to the four corners of the world; Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The African area would function as the park...
  3. M

    Chinese knock-off coasters in United States?

    Chinese ride manufactures have been copying the original designs from other manufactures outside of China and make it their own version of the design what they designed. I’m wondering that what IF there’s a Chinese knock-off coaster being built in the United States. That would be a TROLLING...
  4. Matt N

    US Election 2020; what are your thoughts?

    Hi guys. As many of you probably know, the US Election happened on Tuesday. However, the result is still not yet known, and for a number of reasons, this election will perhaps go down in American history as one of the most contentious ever fought. So I’d be intrigued to know; what are your...
  5. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Kennywood Retracking Thunderbolt

    There is only one article on this so far but not available to see in the European region, but Kennywood will be retracking Thunderbolt and it won't operate over halloween
  6. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Carowinds Adding Zamperla Attraction In 2020??

    First off, as a joke, at least I'm not starting my posts recently with "I've been told" lol ?. But seriously, I've just found this image of a shipment and it looks like a Zamperla attraction will join Carowinds in 2020. The article from Coaster Net, states that three attractions they think it...