the smiler

  1. Matt N

    The Smiler vs Saw The Ride; which Merlin Gerstlauer do you prefer?

    Hi guys. Merlin Entertainments currently operates two Gerstlauer thrill coasters across its portfolio of theme parks; The Smiler at Alton Towers and Saw The Ride at Thorpe Park. These are two very different coasters; The Smiler is an Infinity Coaster with a record-breaking 14 inversions as its...
  2. ArchiPrnt

    Theme Park Coaster Prints - Advice Thread

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but have been a theme park enthusiast for a long time. I have decided to start my own print store selling roller coasters plans, hand-drawn by myself in CAD software. My first being The Smiler (see below) I am looking for some advice on the following: - Any tips...
  3. Matt N

    The Smiler vs Colossus; which of the UK’s inversion record breakers do you prefer?

    Hi guys. The UK has had 2 coasters to have broken the inversion record; Colossus and The Smiler. The Smiler is the current inversion record holder and has been since 2013, with 14 inversions, whereas Colossus was Smiler’s predecessor, with its 10 inversions holding the record from 2002 to 2013...
  4. James F

    Alton Towers Recreation

    With the parks being closed during Lockdown 3 I decided to finally get round to making a recreation in Planet Coaster. In the days when RCT3 was king, I used to do almost nothing but real life parks, but for some reason or another I find them more difficult to do in planet coaster, whether it's...
  5. Matt N

    Do you find The Smiler at Alton Towers rough?

    Hi guys. Yesterday, I visited Alton Towers and took a ride on The Smiler. I was batched in the front row and sat in an inner seat, which is always widely considered the smoothest seat you can get on the ride, however I must admit that I personally found it very rough. Most of the elements seemed...