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    Recording 3D rides on GoPro

    I’m looking for some advice. My daughter likes recording ride pov’s, she’s done some good ones in England and Florida. The problem comes with 3D rides. They look awful on film. Obviously. Eg star tours at wdw and ninjago at legoland. I kept a pair of 3D glasses from legoland, and thought...
  2. 360RollerCoasters

    360 Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV (NoLimits2)

    My first 360 VR Roller Coaster Render - Recorded in NoLimits2. Let me know what you think :) Compatible with Google Cardboard / VR Box etc or just use your phone to look around! PS: I did not build this Roller Coaster, it’s one of the standard coasters that comes with NL2, but I will be...