1. maiconcosta

    Blaster Shuttle - Vekoma SUPER BOOMERANG

  2. maiconcosta

    Dizzy Trail Coaster // GCI Wooden Roller Coaster

    Dizzy Trail Coaster Statistics: Length: 884m (2900ft) Height: 21m (68ft) Speed: 69Km/h (42mph) DOWNLOAD LINK
  3. maiconcosta

    Brutality Coaster - RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1565m (477ft) Height: 55m (16ft) Speed: 107Km/h (66mph) Inversions: 6 ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- The idea was to bring a station in the brutalist style
  4. maiconcosta

    X4 // New Concept Vekoma Multi Launch

    X4 Statistics: Length: 608m (1994ft) Height: 32m (104ft) Speed: 91Kmh (56mph) Inversions: 3 🔻 🔻 🔺 🔺 🔻 🔻 DOWNLOAD LINK
  5. maiconcosta

    Blue Lightning (RMC Hybrid Coaster)

    Statistics: Length: 819m (2687ft) Height: 31m (101ft) Speed: 80Km/h (49mph) Inversions: 3 * Station Modeling: * * * DOWNLOAD LINK
  6. maiconcosta

    DARK - B&M Invert Coaster

    I was so excited to share this creation, it's one of my favorites in particular, I loved every second of it! OFFICIAL VIDEO
  7. maiconcosta

    Snake Bowl Park // Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 325m (1066ft) Height: 46m (150ft) Speed: 92Km/h (57mph) Inversions: 1 ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD LINK...
  8. maiconcosta

    Project Altas - Mack Hyper Coaster

    Obviously inspired by Project Exodus, a project that will probably be built in Thorpe Park, from which Mack Rides comes up with a totally new and unique Layout for a Hyper Coaster, so here comes my project, continuing this new model that will be released. Statistics: Lenght: 1276m - 4186ft...
  9. maiconcosta

    Dynasty // RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1323m - 4340ft Height: 45m - 147ft Speed: 99Km/h - 61mph Download link
  10. maiconcosta

    Impulse - Premier Rides LIM Shuttle

    Statistics: Length: 533m - 1748ft Height: 71m - 232ft Speed: 115Km/h - 71mph Download - Impulse Download - Impulse: Reverse Blast
  11. A

    Recording 3D rides on GoPro

    I’m looking for some advice. My daughter likes recording ride pov’s, she’s done some good ones in England and Florida. The problem comes with 3D rides. They look awful on film. Obviously. Eg star tours at wdw and ninjago at legoland. I kept a pair of 3D glasses from legoland, and thought...
  12. 360RollerCoasters

    360 Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV (NoLimits2)

    My first 360 VR Roller Coaster Render - Recorded in NoLimits2. Let me know what you think :) Compatible with Google Cardboard / VR Box etc or just use your phone to look around! PS: I did not build this Roller Coaster, it’s one of the standard coasters that comes with NL2, but I will be...