paultons park

  1. Matt N

    Surveying occurring at Paultons Park - potential new attraction?

    Hi guys. Theme Park Guide has spotted that surveying has been taking place at Paultons Park: Could this potentially be the start of a new investment in the Cobra/Edge region of the park? It would be good if it was; that area is one that sticks out as a prime investment location within Paultons...
  2. Ian

    "Pigs Might Fly" - Paultons Park, 21st May 2022

    This little piggy went to Alton. This little piggy then went home. This little piggy rode the new cred. This little piggy got a plus 1. And this little piggy went wee-weeee-weeeee and invited you to Paultons! The Live name is a bit rubbish (as was my take on the nursery rhyme). I was thinking...
  3. Rob Coasters

    United Kredding - Part 36: Rectangle in London

    Welcome. Here's a collection of EVERY theme park trip I did in 2021 where I rode at least one new coaster - I'm doing this to improve my writing with future trip reports especially if (hopefully when) I go international. You may have noticed the trip report directory is gone. I've decided...
  4. Matt N

    Matt N’s 18th Birthday Trip 29th/30th July 2021 (Legoland Windsor/Paultons Park)

    Hi guys. Today, my parents and I had the first day of a 2-day theme park trip to the South of England. This trip is actually my parents’ 18th birthday present to me (my birthday is on Saturday); we were originally planning to go to Florida to ride things such as VelociCoaster and Iron Gwazi, but...