1. maiconcosta

    SHAZAM!: Power of Hope (B&M Dive Coaster)

    This is a rollercoaster that I would love to see at Six Flags Magic Mountain, therefore, the second Dive Coaster in the entire Six Flags Corp., after Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger. Statistics: Length: 853m (2798ft) Height: 48m (157ft) Speed: 98Km/h (60mph) Inversions: 2 DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. maiconcosta

    Waimea Bay - B&M Surf Coaster

  3. maiconcosta

    Dueling Dragons - Mack Dueling Launch Coaster

    Statistics: ICE DRAGON Length: 1538m (5045ft) Height: 56m (183ft) Speed: 116Km/h (72mph) Inversions: 2 FIRE DRAGON Length: 1513m (4963ft) Height: 56m (183ft) Speed: 116Km/h (72mph) Inversions: 2 Yes, it's like an homage to the extinct dueling roller coaster at Universal Park, because I...
  4. maiconcosta

    Blaster Shuttle - Vekoma SUPER BOOMERANG

  5. maiconcosta

    Dizzy Trail Coaster // GCI Wooden Roller Coaster

    Dizzy Trail Coaster Statistics: Length: 884m (2900ft) Height: 21m (68ft) Speed: 69Km/h (42mph) DOWNLOAD LINK
  6. maiconcosta

    The Music Empire Roller Coaster - B&M Sitting Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1429m (4688ft) Height: 47m (154ft) Speed: 111Km/h (68mph) Inversions: 7 DOWNLOAD LINK Inspired by the extinct roller coaster Led Zeppelin: The Ride Roller Coaster from Hard Rock Park, I loved that B&M aesthetic, which was a compact roller coaster but apparently very...
  7. maiconcosta

    Brutality Coaster - RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1565m (477ft) Height: 55m (16ft) Speed: 107Km/h (66mph) Inversions: 6 ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- The idea was to bring a station in the brutalist style
  8. maiconcosta

    X4 // New Concept Vekoma Multi Launch

    X4 Statistics: Length: 608m (1994ft) Height: 32m (104ft) Speed: 91Kmh (56mph) Inversions: 3 🔻 🔻 🔺 🔺 🔻 🔻 DOWNLOAD LINK
  9. maiconcosta

    Blue Lightning (RMC Hybrid Coaster)

    Statistics: Length: 819m (2687ft) Height: 31m (101ft) Speed: 80Km/h (49mph) Inversions: 3 * Station Modeling: * * * DOWNLOAD LINK
  10. Changa

    RMC Strata-Loop

    Following the merger of RMC and Larson, people could only wonder with baited breath what could come from the melding of such innovative minds. What could be accomplished with the ever-changing technology of RMC, and Larson's perfection of the concept of the vertical loop? The result was almost...
  11. maiconcosta

    Rush! - Vekoma MK-1101

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistics: Length: 618m (2027ft) Height: 28m (91ft) Speed: 77Kmh (47mph) Inversions: 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  12. maiconcosta

    Road Blaster - Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1050m (3444ft) Height: 14m (45ft) Speed: 67Km/h (41mph) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD LINK...
  13. maiconcosta

    DARK - B&M Invert Coaster

    I was so excited to share this creation, it's one of my favorites in particular, I loved every second of it! OFFICIAL VIDEO
  14. maiconcosta

    Road Blaster by Maicon Costa

    I had this layout since last year, and whenever I looked at it, I thought everyone would call it boring, but when I did, I thought of a fun family 4-step ride. Step 1: Light Launch // Step 2: Backwards // Step 3: Main Launch // Step 4: Tilt and final layout...
  15. maiconcosta

    Snake Bowl Park // Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 325m (1066ft) Height: 46m (150ft) Speed: 92Km/h (57mph) Inversions: 1 ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD LINK...
  16. maiconcosta

    𝗕𝗮𝘁𝗺𝗮𝗻 𝗩𝗦 𝗥𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗻: Road to War // Intamin Boom. Launch Coaster

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistics: 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗠𝗔𝗡 Length: 549m (1801ft) Height: 50m (164ft) Speed: 93Km/h (58mph)...
  17. maiconcosta

    Little Bird (B&M Wing Coaster)

    When Legoland Germany released their project, I felt inspired to do this, it's genius, kids deserve to be introduced to thrill rollercoasters!!! 😄 Statistics: Length: 498m (1633ft) Height: 19m (62ft) Speed: 55Km/h (34mph) Inversions: 2 ----------------------------------------------...
  18. maiconcosta

    Project Altas - Mack Hyper Coaster

    Obviously inspired by Project Exodus, a project that will probably be built in Thorpe Park, from which Mack Rides comes up with a totally new and unique Layout for a Hyper Coaster, so here comes my project, continuing this new model that will be released. Statistics: Lenght: 1276m - 4186ft...
  19. maiconcosta

    The Iron Hurler - RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Since the Hurler from Kings Dominion park was revamp by RMC, calling itself Twisted Timbers. So I decided to make my version of the Hurler roller coaster from Carowinds park in RMC as well, but now honoring the original name, changing its name to The Iron Hurler. Statistics: Length: 1075m -...
  20. maiconcosta


    I wanted to present this park in photos and context, a collaboration between me, WolfRaging95 and CoasterGen, each with their creations, which took months but here it is finished. The park's layout was inspired by the extinct Freestyle Music Park, which I never visited but I thought the park's...