1. Matt N

    Which major theme park have you gone the longest without visiting?

    Hi guys. Over the years, I’m sure that most of us have visited quite a few different theme parks; each year, I personally visit a mixture of old favourites alongside trying to mix the odd new park or two in there as well to enhance my repertoire and increase my coaster and park counts. Trying to...
  2. Matt N

    An analysis of North America's coaster selections (Part 2: Strongest top ends)

    Disclaimer: This post is extremely long, and if you don't like data analysis and geeky maths talk, I'd suggest you run for the hills and don't look back, because this post has quite a bit of it! Hi guys. Some of you might remember that I recently did a multi-part data analysis investigation on...
  3. Matt N

    What is the ideal ratio of major attractions to filler attractions?

    Hi guys. In recent years, I’ve seen a number of complaints talking about how the UK Merlin parks, particularly Alton Towers, are too focused on the major attractions and not focused enough on the filler attractions. In Alton Towers’ case, this complaint manifests itself in the form of a...