1. Matt N

    Coasters that carry their park’s coaster lineup

    Hi guys. Often when visiting a park, there are certain rides that will stand out to you as being more enjoyable than others. But sometimes, there might be a case where you ride one coaster a park that stands tall above the rest. This one coaster outweighs the rest of the park’s coasters by a...
  2. Rob Coasters

    What park has the best 'worst coaster'?

    What park (that has at least three coasters) has the best 'worst coaster'? I looked through my rankings of parks, and checked the lowest ranking coaster of each park I've done, I added some extra filters too: -The park must have at least three operating coasters. -I must have all the creds from...
  3. Matt N

    Your favourite coaster lineup in Europe?

    Hi guys. Europe has many theme parks, and coasters are a vital element of theme parks in the eyes of many, so my question to you today is very simple; which European park's coaster lineup is your favourite? I can't really vote in this, as I haven't visited any European parks outside the UK as...
  4. Matt N

    Strongest lineup of non-coaster attractions in the UK?

    Hi guys. Among enthusiasts living in the UK, a common criticism of many of the country’s major theme parks is that they are too coaster-orientated; many believe that the parks lack variety, and don’t have much to do aside from coasters. So today, I pose a question to you all; in your opinion...
  5. Matt N

    Most unique roller coaster lineup?

    Hi guys. Out of all the parks in the world, each one has a different coaster lineup, made up of different ride types. There are many parks filled with ride types that you can find at many parks across the world. But equally, there are also parks that have quite a few more unique rides that...