knott's berry farm

  1. RollerCoastersFrolicking

    wth is going on with montezooma's revenge

    not sure if this deserves its own thread or should be merged with the construction thread but does anyone have any clue whats going on with monte we know little about whats been going on over with monte, and im cerious to see if we have any more insight onto monte. because lets face it, we...
  2. LightningColossus46

    Knott's bad family coaster lineup

    As of right now they have 5 "family" coaster (sort of) Jaguar-Zierre glorified monorail Coastrider-Shin abrasion the ride Pony express-Worlds shortest ride Timberline Twister-Its gone so who cares Sierra Sidewinder-More intense than west coast racers Anyone see the flaw? Jaguar and Pony...
  3. Hyde

    Knott's, Elitch, Lakeside - The Long Way Home

    I had the chance to do a week's long trip last week, which took me to three parks across two states and thousands of miles. Pre-Covid, this was supposed to be a regularly occurring affair, as travel expectations have been growing for my work (I work for a national non-profit that works in...
  4. Matt N

    Knott’s Berry Farm building a B&M in 2022?

    Hi guys. According to Screamscape, a permit was filed for “materials for an installation of an amusement park” at Knott’s Berry Farm, with the supplier listed as being none other than B&M: Could this mean that Knott’s is building a B&M coaster for 2022 or at some point in the near future? This...
  5. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Knotts Berry Farm Announced Knotts Beary Tales Returning 2020

  6. Hyde

    Knott's Berry Farm - Afternoon in the Park

    I had the chance to swing by Knott's at the end of April while I was in town for a week-long conference. I was interested to make it back to Knott's after having not visited the park for 12 years (Sierra Sidewinder's opening season), as not only have there been new additions to the park, but...
  7. Zek_Teh_Kek

    Perilous Plunge Memories

    So today I was browsing the Thorpe Park Wikipedia page for some reason, and I remembered they had this one ride, Tidal Wave, and it reminded me of Perilous Plunge. And while I may not have ridden this insanely steep water ride, I would think that some on this forum have, and I want to know if...