1. Hyde

    The Road to 300: Dorney, Knoebels, Hershey, SFGAdv... and Yeungling!

    Preface I was recently reflecting in a separate thread on how life has moved on, my coaster enthusiasm, or at least the pace at which I can consume new coaster credits, dramatically decreasing to make room for other hobbies, pursuits, and work. This has especially been the case for those more...
  2. Matt N

    Rank the Hersheypark coasters

    Hi guys. We already have ranking topics for some of the big American heavyweights like Cedar Point and SFMM, but another big coaster park in America is Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. With 14 coasters in total, the park is home to one of America’s biggest coaster selections, and with rides like...
  3. sarahsmile

    Pure, Delicious Candymonium: Sarah & Scott's Trip to Hersheypark, 8/6/20

    One of the many things that I’m massively passionate about in this world besides theme parks is eating- particularly sweets and the sugar rush that accompanies them. I have to be honest and say that Hersheypark is and always will be one of those safe havens for me where I can shamelessly indulge...