1. endermanloveH20

    just saw this

  2. Matt N

    Strongest theming on a mega/hyper, giga or strata coaster?

    Hi guys. Mega, hyper, giga and strata coasters are absolutely huge rides, often the landmark ride of their park. Due to this, the cost of building the ride alone is often colossal, meaning that the theming on these monstrous rides is often quite limited. So my question to you today is; which...
  3. T

    A Giga going to Kings Island!!2????

    I am freaking out!!!! I just heard from Zimmerman that another giga is going to KI!!! Im crying!!!! aparently i's by rmc!!!!! 437 feet!!!! Posting proof soon!
  4. M

    B&M’s Next Hyper/Giga Coaster Installation

    After B&M built Candymonium at Hersheypark as a hyper coaster and Orion at Kings Island as a giga coaster, do you think that they will design and manufacture more hyper/giga coasters? If so, where will they build their next hyper coaster at? If you think that B&M will build their second hyper...
  5. M

    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    Well, we haven’t heard from RMC about where will the first T-Rex coaster be located at. I’ll go over the Raptor and the T-Rex: *Raptor - It is a smaller single-rail track compared to the T-Rex track that doesn’t have to be a Hyper-Raptor or a Giga-Raptor. *T-Rex - It’s the original single-rail...