1. H

    Phantasialand - Wintertraum Nov. 2022 (part 2)

    Hey all, First trip report here! I've been to Phantasialand 3 times before (2012, 2014, 2019). My original plan was to do a big trip to Efteling, Phantasialand, Toverland and Europa Park with my brother in September 2020 for my 30th birthday. Would you believe it, that plan didn't work out...
  2. Matt N

    Taron vs FLY; which Phantasialand launch coaster do you prefer?

    Hi guys. Phantasialand in Germany now has two launch coasters; Taron and FLY. They're two very different rides; Taron's an Intamin Blitz Coaster, while FLY is a Vekoma Flying Coaster. However, they do share numerous similarities; both have two launches, both have twister layouts with lots of...
  3. Serena

    The Best, The Wurst and The Gersts - A Week in Germany

    Omg. It really happened. We (@Slamming Coastercore @SilverArrow @chainedbanana and @Coop ) actually boarded a plane and flew to another country and travelled around riding roller coasters for a week. What is this...2019?!?! Look at those smiles. No one smiles like that in 2020. We must have...