1. Matt N

    The best park in the world for each major manufacturer?

    Hi guys. Parks across the world go to various different manufacturers for their coasters, and over time, many parks have built up quite a collection of certain manufacturers’ rides. But my question to you today is; what is the best park in the world to go to if you’re a fan of each major...
  2. H

    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    I'm curious to find out in the community what the general opinion /consensus of the best coaster in Europe is, and obviously everyone will have an opinion to share too.
  3. Matt N

    Best coaster lineup in terms of quality?

    Hi guys. I was just scrolling through my spreadsheet of all my roller coasters ranked, and I have them all rated out of 10 on an overall spectrum, so I just discovered that Google Sheets did some very clever maths and gave me my average rating out of 10 per park amongst other things. For that...