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    Matt N’s 18th Birthday Trip 29th/30th July 2021 (Legoland Windsor/Paultons Park)

    HBD. Enjoy Paultons- it's a lovely park!
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    Coaster with the strongest smell?

    The lift hill on Euromir can get pretty ripe in the summer... oh and Odyssey smells like a fish fryer at points (due to its location obv)
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    Do you ever regret becoming a theme park enthusiast? Are there cons to this hobby?

    I really don't get the 'shame' about being a coaster enthusiast at all!? I willingly share my passion, and as others have said, if you say things with enough enthusiasm and confidence then they'll not think it's lame. People don't often understand it fully, but I can't tell you how many people...
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Ahh thank you! :) They get some epic skies round the black forest, always fun to recreate!
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    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    I've had both jabs (Pfizer). I'm only 31 but got bumped up as I'm a carer for my mum. Felt a bit crappy the day after but other than that was fine. Bring on travel...!
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    Rank the Europa Park coasters

    Ooh okay.. I've been a few times and fecking love EP, so I'll get involved! Mine goes a little something like this, but it could easily change depending on my mood.. 1. Silver Star 2. Blue Fire 3. Wodan 4. Can can coaster 5. Arthur 6. Alpen Express 7. Atlantica Supersplash 8. Matterhorn...
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    Mrs. Nitefly says "OWW!" loudly at Thorpe Park (and more!)

    Smashing report, thoroughly enjoyed that. Totally agree that the place is lacking anywhere to have 'downtime' which is much needed after the head bashing of things like Saw.
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    Nitefly fears for his life at Paultons Park (and more!)

    We experienced the exact same thing yesterday...twice!! To me it sounded like the restraint clicking down to a tighter fit...? maybe?
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    Thorpe Park and Paultons Park May 2021

    Interesting to read your thoughts on the covid measures at Paultons. We went yesterday and had a lovely day but agree that the covid measures were not great.. no spacing between groups and mask wearing not enforced on rides. No temperature checks either and some of the indoor queue areas (such...
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    Nitefly has a bad battered sausage at Chessington (and more!)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Love hearing about other married couples who go to 'kids' parks without said kids. Makes me feel normal... hahaha.
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    Are the seats on Colossus particularly small?

    It must be down to body shape, my husband is 6ft 5 and manages fine on Colossus but he is a bit of a lean bean. He is also capable of folding himself into small spaces... his first car was a fiat panda, BY CHOICE.
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    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    This is very exciting, I absolutely love Toverland. I've only been once just after they opened Avalon but it really left an impression. I can't wait to see what else they create!
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but would be grateful for your opinions... I moonlight as an artist and am thinking about possibly doing some bespoke pieces or prints of theme park related loveliness. I wanted to see if anyone thought there was a market for it? If you think it's a rubbish idea-...
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    Surprisingly wet water rides

    River Quest. The big bastard soaked me through, my husband got away unscathed (also a big bastard).
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    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021

    I agree that something along the lines of Heide could be expected. Hopefully they'd go with something similar but a little longer, I thought Heide was a lovely little coaster but just far too short.