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    Rumoured Coaster - Flamingo Land

    Let's not get carried away, eh Matt? Remember this is a third-hand coaster they are buying (albeit one that has never operated) and their last investment was 6 years ago and that was a ****ty Volare. I think this is them seizing on the opportunity to get a decent coaster on the cheap, not the...
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    Paultons Park Tornado Springs New Area for 2020

    Big twister approaching from the east could just be confirming that the cred is coming from Germany i.e. Mack? Or it could all just be stuff to wind up enthusiasts and means nothing ;) Edit: Though looking at a map, Vekoma is a lot more directly East than Mack are!
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date = 14th June 2019 Park = Alton Towers Rollercoasters Wicker Man x2 Rita x1 (back row) Thirteen x1 Oblivion x1 Smiler x1 (back row) Spinball Whizzer x1 Nemesis x1 Galactica x1 Runaway Mine Train x1 Dark / flat rides Duel x1 Other attractions Monorail x2 Skyride x1 Points added = 81
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    What was the coaster that helped you brave your fears, and what were they?

    Not any more ;) Looks like @Sandman is your favourite snuggle buddy! 🤣
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    What was the coaster that helped you brave your fears, and what were they?

    I have experienced this. And it is more terrifying than any coaster :D I rode Wild Mouse at BPB when I was 7 and Corkscrew at Alton not long after, so I've never really been scared of coasters. I did have a bit of a wobble the first time I rode Shambhala due to the clamshells being the only...
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    What is your favorite vekoma?

    Can't really argue with this! :)
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    Rank the GCIs

    I've ridden a decent number of GCIs now so here's my rankings: 1. Thunderhead - currently my favourite woodie, it's got that wild, out of control feeling without being rough, the twisty layout is great and the station flythrough is fab. 2. Joris (Fire) - it may be family-orientated but there's...
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    Worst intamin(other than green lantern at sfmm)

    Ah well I am a mere 5'9" so that might make a difference ;) I think Rita still has plenty of life in her yet and Merlin wouldn't trash a cred until it's absolutely necessary. Trains with lapbars would certainly be a good and relatively inexpensive improvement though. I would rather see...
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    Your least favorite non slc or boomerang vekoma

    Give it a rest with all these threads mate... :rolleyes: Why don't you at least start by telling us yours? And what's with the obsession with least favourites - why so negative?
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    Worst intamin(other than green lantern at sfmm)

    Rita extremely rough? Get some balls, man! ;) I've had a bit of airtime on Rita the last couple of times I've ridden - nothing major and not sure why it's suddenly started doing it when it never did before but there you go. I think the launch is pretty good and it's still the second best cred in...
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    Your Boomerang/SLC Count.

    Never posted in this topic before, suppose it's time... Boomerangs Cobra (West Midlands Safari Park - showing my age!) Flashback (Great Escape) Flashback (SFNE) Cobra (Walibi Belgium) Wipeout (PWH) Baby Boomers Ben 10 Velociraptor Raik Boomerang (Energylandia) GIBs Goliath (SFNE) SLCs...
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date = 9th June 2019 Park = Pleasurewood Hills Rollercoasters Wipeout x1 (front row) Egg-Spress x1 (New for 2019, sort of) Marble Madness x1 Water rides Wavebreaker x1 Timber Falls x1 Dark / flat rides Rootin Tootin Target Trail x1 Kite Flyer x1 Jolly Roger x1 Shows/Parades Sea Lion Show...
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    Beasts in the East | Trip Reports

    I only did the Sunday of this Live as I was on holiday in Norfolk with my wife and dog, plus as we all know… So not knowing if we’d get time on Sunday, I decided to go and get all the Great Yarmouth creds on Saturday, starting at the top with Joyland. The weather as you know was crap but it...
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date = 8th June 2019 Park = Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Rollercoasters Roller Coaster x2 (x2 back row) Whirlwind x1 (front car if it counts?) Dark / flat rides Haunted Hotel x1 Points added = 42
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    Beasts in the East | Trip Reports

    Great little video @daviddoc :)