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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    There are some really cheap apartments in Salou for 3-5 people that work out at about £10pppn if we fill them, and since I'll be staying Fri-Mon I think I'm more inclined to book those than have to faff around moving to and from the on-site hotel. Pretty sure I'll be hiring a car so as long as...
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    I'm booked on the same flight as @Howie now for the PortAventura trip. Didn't get it quite as cheap and was considering flying with Vueling instead as they have a flight at virtually the same time for a few quid less, but then I read their reviews :oops: so Ryanair it is - better the devil you know!
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    LoG 2019: August Submissions

    Date = 22nd August 2019 Park = Playland (Vancouver) Rollercoasters Coaster x1 (back row) Bug Whirled x1 (back car) Kettle Creek Mine x1 (back row) Dark / flat rides Haunted House x1 Other attractions Stampede Fever x1 CoasterForce Points Trip report coming soon...
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    Silverwood 2020

    I really hope they don't add a great new cred since I just visited last week and doubt I'll ever go back. They could do with a modern steel coaster though and obviously RMC are just down the road, but as @Cranedude said it sounds like a new show from the teaser.
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    Six Flags 2020 Announcements

    They're exactly the same i.e. garbage! ;)
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    Six Flags 2020 Announcements

    Intrigued? It looks like it's going to be a standard spinning mouse so I think the word you're looking for is either disgusted or embarrassed. Pretty terrible coaster to put in a Six Flags park in the year 2020! Looks like SF went big with the order from Zamperla this year...
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    Yep, I don't think she'll be coming but I'll confirm soon enough. I was intending to hire a car to get to and from Salou as well but we can work those details out later.
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    I'm planning to book this flight too, assuming it's the one going out friday and returning monday? Can't do it till I get back from Canada in a few weeks though.
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    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer

    Much easier to do this now people like @Tomatron have given me a template to copy :) Arrow First: Steeplechase @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach (probably, might’ve been Revolution) Favourite: Tennessee Tornado Least Favourite: The Big One B&M First: Nemesis Favourite: Nemesis Least Favourite...
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    Unknown | Flamingo Land | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster (possible Hopi Hari relocation)

    £20million for a coaster that's basically not even unique in our small country... That's either bull**** or terrible negotiating from the park! 😂 Mind you, the exchange rate is bloody terrible at the moment!
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    CF Lives 2019 Announcements [ALL ANNOUNCED]

    I know it's a while off yet but has any decision been made about a replacement for the December Phantasialand trip? There was talk of PortAventura instead.
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    New rides @ small parks

    "After reviewing our target audience..." More like "After reviewing our budget we realised we didn't have the money for anything but a crappy Zyklon" 🤣
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    Unknown | Flamingo Land | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster (possible Hopi Hari relocation)

    This interests me. Is there anywhere to leave your dog if everyone in your group wants to go on a ride? Or do you have to have someboy stay with the dog all the time?
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    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    I've ridden enough of these now to rank them... 1. Nemesis 2. Montu 3. Black Mamba 4. OzIris 5. Nemesis Inferno 6. Batman (SFOG)
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    Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

    1. The Swarm - smooth, rerideable, good interactions, but actually the worst of the 3 B&M Wing coasters I've ridden 2. Stealth - fast, fun, thrilling, but too short 3. Colossus - decent layout, the trains are uncomfortable but otherwise I wouldn't say it's particularly rough 4. Nemesis Inferno -...