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    When I went to Chicago I got a train from Ogilvie to Waukegan and then got a taxi from there to Six Flags. I don't think the taxi was that expensive but I think there might be a bus from Waukegan. ... tions.html
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    Contact Lenses on rides?

    Yeah they are fine. I wore my contacts for the first time to Walibi Holland last year and they were absolutely grand, I actually forgot they were even in :P . Water rides should be grand aswell as I even wear mine swimming.
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    Rides you used to love.

    Stampida - Used to love it, great pacing and airtime. Also had one fantastic ride at night in the backseat and it was insane. Then Kumbak came along and turned it into a rough piece of crap thats hardly worth riding. Still hoping those trains tear up the track, forcing PA to retrack it and buy...
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    Port Aventura |"Shambhala"| B&M Hyper

    I love how the drop into the splashdown goes straight under Khan's first drop. If this is a real splashdown and not an artificial one will the splash not hit Khan's drop?
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    Galveston Pier | "Iron Shark"| Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    Here is a video of the layout : ... =2&theater Also from Gerstlauer: Pretty good looking layout even though itt's quite short, but the addition of lapbars will sure make the ride experience that bit better.
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    Port Aventura |"Shambhala"| B&M Hyper

    More progress :--D : Looking back on the picture of the model, does this thing have a MCBR? I seriously cannot wait now to get back to PA :D . Someone on TPR also stated the drop is 77.4* steep.
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    Six Flags Great America |"X-Flight"| B&M Wing Coaster

    A nice bit of progress has been made:
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    Port Aventura |"Shambhala"| B&M Hyper

    Topped off! ... ra-26.html Looks awesome, makes Khan look tiny! Also loving Khans new paint :--D . Really wish I could get to PA this year to ride this but looks like it'll be at least next year.
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    Parque Warner Madrid.

    I went to Parque Warner in June 2007 on a Sunday and it was actually pretty busy! I bought their Flashpass band which was actually insanely cheap compared to others (ie. unlimited rides on most rides, and allowed to choose any seat you wanted.. front or back). Even though it was actually pretty...
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    Your 2011

    The only park I managed to get to this year is Walibi Holland. 2012 should be better as I'll be in America all summer so hopefully there will be a decent few parks visited :) .
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    Best coaster in the Netherlands?

    I've only been to Walibi Holland, but Goliath is pretty damn awesome!
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    Favourite major coaster at Thorpe Park?

    Mine is Stealth. Inferno is good but it's not quite up there with the Batman clones. I enjoyed Colossus on my first visit but found it very rough a couple of years later. The only part I like about it is the inlines. Saw is just a rough piece of ****, I like the indoor section but it's...
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    Another Fairground fatality

    Oh god thats horrible news!! I was at the concert last night so this must have happened just after I left. It's a shame such a good night ended in tragedy :( . Horrible day for Dublin yesterday as it was affected by severe rainfall and flooding which caused 2 other deaths.
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    Six Flags 2012

    The SFDK coaster is made by Premier, but ya the capacity will suck but it looks insane! Awesome news about Great Americas B&M though, it's been a while since Six Flags got a new B&M and it looks awesome!
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    Six Flags Great America 2012

    Screamscape is pointing towards a B&M Wingrider which would be awesome if true, plus isn't there supposed to be a third wingrider on the way? And what better way than to replace an old B&M with a new one :P . I can hope anyways, they really need something new and stand-out to add to their line up.