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    Drachen Fire Replacement

    Great article from BGWFans here about the new ride I highly advise a proper read, its well researched and provides good context. Yeah its not 335ft tall :) Here's one...
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    Six Flags Over Georgia | Unknown | Intamin Ultra Surf | 2024

    Correct the original advert for the ride package said a fair amount was on site in vietnam but some was still at their European manafacturers plant. Still working on tracking the park down, Pretty sure we know the company that owned them now but not quite sure on which of their projects it was...
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    WTF Merlin?

    I agree with all the "it's better for merch" and "it's a better design to spread as a brand" chat. It is a much more modern and versatile logo. But dear god do I find it soulless. Toverlands logo as seen above is a similar font only design but the whimsical flourishes R and the N as well as...
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    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    I mean it didn't really work for Hermes/Evri. Everyone just hates Evri instead of Hermes now 🤣
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    Universal considering a theme park in the UK?

    Japan has both a universal park potter land and a making of WB potter experience so I suppose it's possible.
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    Another China Weekend Pt 4: Random Ganzhou

    Bored on the ship so did a quick sketch over the Google Earth outlines of the rides. (Bearing in mind that the angle of the satellite view affects things quite a bit and is the reason the corkscrews look different sizes i think) Its a mess but it shows a couple of differences. Chongqing has an...
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    Another China Weekend Pt 4: Random Ganzhou

    Great report as always Can't say Ganzhou has been on my radar much either. Obviously there's the FW but I tend to mix my park visiting with culture and nothing in Ganzhou really stood out as worth a visit by itself and I'm not sure the FW stands out as worth a visit by itself either. Not when...
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    Energylandia | Unknown | Vekoma Tilt Coaster | 2024

    The 2 Vekomas and the Intamin and a load of flat rides all came from one cancelled project in South East Asia I believe. Just bought a bulk pack of rides for cheap pretty much. Wouldn't be surprised if they did pick something else up though.
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    Mandoria | Aquila | Vekoma Family Launch Coaster | 2025

    God no not just you. I loved that show and my mind went straight there too. Always made me so sad that they left that show on a cliffhanger too. 😭
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    IAAPA Expo 2023

    And further to that they have IAAPA events in Europe and Asia each year. European and Asian rides will normally get announced there. But it does seem to be (with a few big notable exceptions) that these big train and ride reveals to tend to be an American thing, European and Asian parks don't...
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    Six Flags Qiddiya| Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    Probably because he's been asked not to yet. Thats usually the case with these things. Might well change after IAAPA now the cars are in the wild.
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    Six Flags Qiddiya| Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    For those without twitter. Love the colour with the wood styling.
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    IAAPA Expo 2023

    Oh yes those are gorgeous. Integrates those wheel assembly's beautifully.
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    Some more construction photos taken a couple of weeks ago.
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    Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024

    Bah whats the point in a video of track arriving if you don't get close enough to see the label. :oops: 😂 It's almost certainly D6-G but still.