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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    I've hit 1000 creds today! I've only been to Europe and Orlando but wow what an achievement!
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    Best coasters you don't want to ride that much? (not ridden yet)

    El Toro and T-Express. Balder and Colossus are no where near as amazing as people say they are. Quite simply hearsay.
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    1. Taron 2. Helix 3. Space Mountain (WDW) 4. Nemesis 5. Big Thunder Mountain (DLP) 6. Kumba 7. Wildfire 8. Big Thunder Mountain (WDW) 9. Kärnan 10. Fluch von Novgorod
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    How Long Would You Wait?

    It didnt feel this long but I stood in a 3.5 hour queue for Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom on my own. It was first thing so their wasn't any fastpasses cutting ahead and the queue moved quickly. Talked to people too which also made it feel quick.
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    Colourful Yunnan Happy World | China | Theme Park

    No one loves gigantic rock animals quite like China
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    WTF Merlin?

    They've already got a SeaLife and now Alton Towers might be getting a... All we need now is a Madame Tussauds with The Ropers and Francis Jackson wax figures
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    New Experiences at USA Disney Parks: TRON at MK, Epcot additions, and Marvel at DCA

    I have to not care as much anymore otherwise I'll drive myself mad. I think Paradise Pier visually is a better host for parasitic pixar than making room for toy story land or something.
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    IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)

    I have HAD IT with myself always looking at roller coaster spoilers and ruining any suprise. I'm not looking at this thread again!
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    Space Mountain still going strong
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    "Now Showing"

    Hereditary Yall should watch. I think its my favourite film of the year surpassing Annihilation (which is on UK netflix so you should watch that too). All round a very strong film and doesn't rely on jump scares.
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    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    I have Big Thunder Mountain in my top 10 2 of them in fact
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    Hong Kong Disneyland expansion 2018-2023

    It wont have the little green aliens like Buzz did so it will, in fact, be worse :(
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    If Phantasialand got its desired expansion...

    Even though it shares its similarities with Steampunk, i'd like to see Phantasialand try Cyberpunk (maybe in an indoor area), I think the compact/jam-packed style phantasialand do so well would work well for that particular theme.