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    New rides @ small parks

    Clacton Pier's Looping Star now testing: I'm taking an interest as it might be a handy +1 on my way to Harwich for the ferry to the Netherlands in a couple of weeks.
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    Thorpe Park 2024?

    Is it even at the park? Could be completely fake at this point as far as I can tell. I'm not getting on the hype train juust yet.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Damn I was booked to visit both of those parks in 2020. I feel like if I had the creds I wouldn't care! I wonder what would happen to Kiska the Marineland Orca if it does close.
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    But only 2 weeks since somebody last requoted that post (
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    Closed Season Park's Nov-Feb

    Good topic actually. Disneyland Paris is open all year. I've been looking at doing Jardin D'acclimatation in Feb, their website sort of suggests they're open all year but nothing clear so I emailed them a few days ago to try to confirm. Parc Asterix are doing a Christmas thing but looks like...
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    Efteling Expansion Attempt + Family Launch Coaster

    Did I miss something - what are they building here?
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    Universal Studios Beijing | 2021

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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Looks like Spinning Racer has moved on from Fantasy Island: It's gone from their website too. Presumably it's travelling again, it would be great if it popped up at Hyde Park this winter but I guess it's probably gone abroad.
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    Are ‘alpine coasters’ a bit ****?

    I think I prefer the SoRo (toboggan) types, there's a good sense of speed being so close to the ground and a decent sense of peril. Fforest coaster looks like a pretty cool experience to be fair, so I feel unqualified to answer your question until I've ridden that. I did the one at Stoke Ski...
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    Thorpe Park 2024?

    I desperately want to believe it, I really do, but this is not enough to get my hopes up. Incidentally I noticed recently that the Bing aerial views of Thorpe Park had been updated since I made this post, here's the view of the clearing: I recomment having a play, just go to...
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    Six Flags St. Louis New Coaster or Ride Coming soon?

    And we've reached Step 2
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    Gyeongju World | Valkyrie | Gerstlauer Family Boomerang | 2021

    I am confused - is this thing a boomerang or a full circuit coaster? At first I thought the track round the top was just to eliminate the risk of derailment (and to give us a laugh when viewed from above 😛), but the pics show the train going around that top corner. Edit: question already...
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    How many different number 1s have you had?

    Probably 4: - Corkscrew 2001 ish - Nemesis 2004 - Shambhala 2012 - Hyperion 2018 I think technically Air was my #1 for about 15 minutes before I walked over to Nemesis.
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    New rides @ small parks

    Clacton Pier are saying their Pinfari looper, which has been standing since about April, will (finally) open next month:
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    Dreamworld Australia | Steel Taipan | Modified Blue Fire Clone | 2021

    Am I the only one here who thinks reverse spikes are fun? You get a good little airtime pop on Capitol Bullet and Star Trek. I reckon this will definitely be more fun to ride that the original, plus it looks cool (for the GP). It looks odd though where they have straight track at the end of the...