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    "Now Showing"

    13 Cameras. Kind if a weird lower budget Netflix film but I found myself fairly involved even if my level of being involved hoping all the characters would be killed since they were all so annoying. Still, decent enough I guess and didn't drag on forever. 6.5
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    Antinos' 2019 Thread (Sometimes I hate this hobby: Coney Island Cincinnati)

    Shucks, another year for me without the creds here and it's not like it's far. I didn't know they added another one! I'll definitely have to make the trip next year, it's a fun little place. Looks like you are having a solid season so far!
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    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    Yay I love the looks of this! Rapid rides are probably my favourite non-coaster attractions at amusement parks despite my loathing for getting soaked, and this one looks like one of the best. I am excited to see how construction pans out, that drop looks wicked.
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    Tries to avoid cred names for my son, Kings Island releases a coaster with the same name as my kid's middle name 😅 Honestly, much like everyone else here, I don't think it will be anything out of this world, but I think it will be a fun coaster in the same way as Leviathan. Not a top ten by...
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    As nice as that would be, they were probably just patrons. I've traipsed through plenty of parks in my RMC shirt, hope I didn't throw any hopeful enthusiasts off!
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    Ed Hart Stole My Hart | KENTUCKY KINGDOM and HOLIDAY WORLD | 20th-21st Jul 2019

    As great as you all are, I'm mot sure I could withstand the temptation of not riding two coasters that are in my top ten 😂
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    Ed Hart Stole My Hart | KENTUCKY KINGDOM and HOLIDAY WORLD | 20th-21st Jul 2019

    You guys better be having just as many great Lives next year 😢 I am so sad about missing them and the water park at Holiday World is just about the best thing ever (coming from someone who dislikes water and water parks). Have fun!
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    Jurassic World Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood!

    The interior scene looks like the best part and great fun for sure. The screens don't look bad by any means, in fact they look great, I'm just somewhat tired of screens!
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    Jurassic World Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood!

    The old don't fix it if it isn't broken 💔 I've always loved this ride, and I'm not sure if it was really improved by this, except for the end which looks pretty cool. Not saying it was ruined, just not improved especially with the screens which I am somewhat tired of. Also where are the gates...
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    Last Cred Review

    Ridge Runner at Blue Mountain... Probably the best alpine coaster I have done, only did it because I could manually stop it from becoming too fast or aggressive (they also said it was one of the attractions not prohibited for pregnancy, should be though) for the baby on board and it ended up you...
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    Your top transportation rides

    The cable car at Ocean Park even though I almost soiled my pants. The views are to die for!
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    Stealing Kenny's Curtain | KENNYWOOD and CEDAR POINT | 22nd-23rd Jun 2019

    Sadly I have to bail! I was initially going to attend for the company, but I've been experiencing super bad lower back pain and I'm really not sure I can be at parks all day :'( I hope you guys have a great time, I am so sad to be missing out.
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    The Forums Upgrade: Do you prefer the New CoasterFORCE or Old CoasterFORCE?

    Still bitter to have lost the black forums. Kidding, looks great!
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    "Now Showing"

    Aladdin This was never one of my favourite Disney films growing up, but I watched it again about a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know a lot of the whining comes from comparisons between the animated version and this version, such as making Jasmine a feminist and all that stuff, but I...