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    Rides You Can No Longer Handle?

    Definitely anything that spins, even mildly. Or anything that has a significant amount of positive G's. I'll put myself through it if someone else wants to ride, but if I'm alone you won't see me riding intense inverts or flyers unless I need the credit (although I was so desparate to ride...
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    Parks you've done that were difficult to get to

    The only thing that comes to mind immediately is Nasu Highland. I felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. Shoutout to @Ben who pretty much forced me to take out a second mortgage for a cab to the park even though it was raining and I knew we wouldn't be getting many creds! Actually Parque...
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    Favourite chocolate bar?

    Mr.Big and Twix!
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    CoasterForce's Favourite Japanese Rollercoasters

    Eejanaika, because it's not only my favourite Japanese coaster, but my favourite coaster of all time. Honourable mentions go to Kawasemi, Fujiyama, Hollywood Dream (backwards), Zaturn, and Dodonpa. Mostly everything was pretty crap.
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    How do you like steak cooked?

    Blue rare or bust! I want mine to still moo.
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    Wicked Twister at Cedar Point to be removed

    I want it to go to Michigan's Adventure! It'd be a great addition to such a neglected park. I'll miss the bright yellow against the blue sky, but not so much the ride itself.
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    Canada's Wonderland 7/30/2021

    Haha we both aren't fans of positive G forces so the helix didn't agree with him. He'll go on pretty much anything though unless it's a known piece of crap (SLCs, Volare, etc).
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    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    Guess I could've updated this about a month ago, but I'm fully vaccinated with Moderna. Man, when the vaccines started rolling out at the beginning of the year, I had joked about how fun it would be to snuggle up and watch movies as we both struggled with side effects, and did we ever get what...
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    "Now Showing"

    Oh I remember watching this year ago and turned into a blubbering idiot! Fear Street: 1994- I really wanted to like this, and it had a lot of elements I thought I would be excited about, but it just felt kind of try-hard and fell a bit flat for me. I will be watching the other two in the...
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    Canada's Wonderland 7/30/2021

    I'm posting the same **** I posted on Reddit so forgive me if you guys know some of the stuff I already put in here, should you read it. I guess I'll start the review with a little bit of a background story to give my excitement a bit more context; my boyfriend and I met on an...
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    Last Cred Review

    Finally got a ****ing credit yesterday! Going from pregnancy straight to Covid and now a stubborn president who won't let Canadians into the country has made it incredibly difficult to get on anything significant for a number of years. Anyway, I went to Wonderland yesterday so here are my...
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    Favourite roller coaster at Walt Disney World?

    Everest! Not only is it one of the most aesthetically pleasing coasters out there, but it's a ton of fun and is more intense than many other family coasters. I also think the pacing is superior to similar coasters I've been on.
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    Talon vs Silver Bullet

    Talon by a pretty hefty margin. It's in my upper half of inverted coasters, whereas I pretty much forgot about Silver Bullet five minutes after I rode it. It wasn't bad whatsoever, it was just incredibly forgettable.
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    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    Partially vaccinated with Moderna.
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    "Now Showing"

    Watched a few films the other day since I was ill and childless for the night. Barb and Star Go To Vista del Mar Ah I was looking forward to watching this even though it looked ridiculous. Kristen Wiig is a favourote of mine in the comedy world and Bridesmaids was so brilliant that I...