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    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    I sure do like how much we remember Japan with fondness and love.
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    Toshimaen (Tokyo) to close

    YAY, BYE GIRL BYE. Seriously, it was a ****hole and they kicked us out for tattoos meaning we wasted the commute and had to come back covered up another day.
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    "Now Showing"

    I just got around to watching the last two. While I agree a bit of it seemed braggy, I think they have a right to brag for sure. They did talk about a lot of the failures experienced by Cali Adventure in the 5th one which was kind of cool to see because I remember it getting so much flack but...
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    "Now Showing"

    Watched a few movies last night. First was Jigsaw which I wasn't going to watch because the whole Saw thing sort of died over a decade ago, but it actually was pretty good with a few good twists. There were some scenes that even made me feel like looking away even though I'm not a squeamish...
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    The TV we watch...

    Anyone watching the show You on Netflix? It's a little but far-fetched but season 1 was great and season 2 seems like it's shaping up to be pretty good as well. Never watched a show where the viewer roots for a murderous villain, which is one of the reasons I've found it interesting. I binge...
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    Personal set completion to-do lists?

    I'm shocked you haven't been on Ka but then again I'm missing basic Mako! I don't imagine I'll be going back to Spain in the next 5 years and then once Candymonium and **** opens well, my list won't be as good. I'll go back to Kings Island probably this year, but Hershey probably not for a hot...
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    Personal set completion to-do lists?

    I want all the coasters over 300 ft. which is sort of basic, but Red Force and stupid Superman at Magic Mountain (which doesn't get to the height of the structure anyways) ruined it for me. I have 12 of the 15 operating B&M hyper/giga coasters which has been a personal goal as well even though...
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    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    Wah I want to go to all the USA ones but it won't be a huge travel year for me again. Most doable would be the Kentucky Kingdom/Holiday World/KI for sure though so here's hoping I can do that.
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    Your biggest positive surprise?

    I think the two biggest surprises of my coastering career would have to be: Hades 360- Holy crap, it's brutal wood, relentless, and just so much fun. Any coaster that I'm laughing the entire way around is a winner in my books. I had zero expectations going into it, and yah some parts are a bit...
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    In no order: -Lightning Rod - Zadra - Hakugei - Iron Gwazi - Joker - Steel Medusa - Untamed - Twisted Colossus - RMC single rails - Twisted Timbers - That's ten, but I also want Dinoconda and Taron really badly. Expedition GeForce would be cool to see if it lives up to all the hype that...
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    Least favorite coaster you have ridden?

    I didn't know anything about it when I rode it! It was a huge shocker that's for sure.
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    Least favorite coaster you have ridden?

    Blasphemy, Wild Mouse was amazing!
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    Tokyo Weekend PTR - Part 3: Yomiuriland and Joypolis

    Love the Fuji Q photos, it has such a picturesque backdrop. Glad you didn't have to use the Fastpass for everything; we got spited out of front row on Takabisha because we had Fastpasses, which is ridiculous. Glad you think Eej is fab, I have no basis for comparison as far as other 4D coasters...
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    Least favorite coaster you have ridden?

    Apart from kiddie coasters and the obvious SLC clones and Vekoma Boomerangs, Titan Max comes to mind for me! It was hilariously bad, deserves to be where it is today.
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    "Now Showing"

    Another one... The Imagineering Story. I loved it! It was so informative and I liked how it touched upon the triumphs and tribulations of every Disney park (except Shanghai). It was pretty much like 4 hours long but I watched it all consecutively and didn't feel like it was tedious to sit...