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    Legoland Deutschland | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    Maybe B&M was pushing this project them self and not the other way around. Didn't they want to push into the family market a few years ago? I'd say relations with Merlin are quite good. Could be their way of trying to diversify their portfolio.
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    Walt Disney Studios Park | Avengers Assemble: Flight Force | R'n'RC retheme | 2022

    Tbh, I think its neither better nor worse. Its more ore less the same but with screens instead of cardboards. The ride as it stands now is fine imo. I have to agree that the former theme was more creative but other than that its more or less the same. That being said, I've never ridden Rock 'n...
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    alright, I'm playing: Fuju-Q Highland Do-Dodonpa Eejanaika
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    COTALAND | Texas | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle (Palindrome) & Vekoma Tilt (Unknown) & Other

    Well its certain now. Roller Coaster design has piqued! How are you supposed to improve on that apart from taller and bigger?
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    Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | RMC IBox Steel Coaster | 2023

    The park looks so innocent compared to the construction ground 😍
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    What theme park's entrance is your favourite?

    Come on! Who could resist?
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    Coasters that were built too early?

    Im gonna throw "Star Trek Operation Enterprise" form Movie Park Germany into the mix. It opened in 2017 with a swing launch and 1 year later the Parc Asterix project was revealed containing the switch track. Edit: You could also name "Capitol Bullet Train" at Motiongate in Dubai
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    TTD Closed, to be "Reimagined"

    That would be neat! But then again there is also a catchcar and a launch cable involved which wouldn't lower the threat potential. So i sadly don't see them go the extra mile to invest in that.
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    This ride is probably the closest we'll get to the RCT3 Cover art coaster:
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    Goliath leaving SFNE

    I'm wishing for more than a year now that it gets to Heide Park alongside a much needed overhaul. Would fit perfectly in the parks lineup + its easy to market (Merlin likes that). I know that there are exactly zero signs at all that this could happen but I'm just hoping my home park finally gets...
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    New Intamin blitz coaster sample layouts

    Yeah i get that they are trying to cash in with these models but it makes me sad anyways :( . It just seems lazy and cheap to me. S&S, Vekoma and RMC aren't that expensive either (at least to my knowledge) and their new models brought at least some innovation and/or variation to the industry...
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    New Intamin blitz coaster sample layouts

    I feel like Intamin is only copying these days. Where is the innovation the company is known for? :(
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Desert Race at Heide Park > Taron At least layout wise The hydraulic launch is so much better than Taron's LSM (is it true that Taron's was reduced?). Also I guess size doesn't matter kids ^^ Never rode Rita but I think it would behave the same?
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    Wow... that shot around 0:20 gives me Roller Coaster Tycoon cover art feels. :D
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Alright, here I go: Xpress platform 13 was the best coaster at Walibi Holland in 2018