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    LoG 2019: July Submissions

    Date =1/7/19 Park =Kentucky kingdom Rollercoasters lightning run x2back kentucky flyer x4back thunder run x2 storm chaser x14(x13back, x1 last train of the day) Water rides n/a Dark / flat rides fear fall x1 gyro x1 Other attractions n/a Shows/Parades sea lion splash x1 CoasterForce Points...
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    Untame My Heart | WALIBI HOLLAND and BOBBEJAANLAND | 7th-8th Sep 2019

    i've just booked my trip, count me in
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date =21/6/19 Park =Six flags new england Rollercoasters Superman the ride x4(x1front, x1back) Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum x1 catwoman's wip x1back riddlerrevenge x1front solo joker x1 batman the dark night x1(x1back) flashback x1 thunderbolt x1 wicked cyclone x5(x4back)...
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date =16/6/19 Park =kings dominion Rollercoasters Twisted timbers x1(x1first train of the day back, x6back) apple zapple x1 grizzly x1front racer nord x1front racer south x1back backlot stunt coaster x1front anaconda x1front flight of fear x2back intimidator 305 x6(x5back x1 front) avalanche...
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date =14/6/19 Park =carowinds Rollercoasters intimidator x1back woodstock express x1 afterburn x3(x2back) copperhead strike x2(x1front x1back) carolina cyclone x2back hurler x2 fury325 x2(x1 back) night hawk x1back carolina goldrush x1 Water rides n/a Dark / flat rides plant vs zombies x1...
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    LoG 2019: June Submissions

    Date =09/06/19 Park =Bucsh gardens tampa Rollercoasters Cheetah Hunt x2(x1back) Montu x9(x1front, x6back) sheikra x3 scorpion x2(x1 back) kumbax5(x1front, x2 back) tigris x1back NEW Water rides Congo river rapids x1 Dark / flat rides falcon's fury x3 Other attractions n/a Shows/Parades n/a...
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    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    it looks awesome can't wait to try it out
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    Rank Cedar Point Coasters

    1)Steel Vengeance 2)Maverick 3)Magnum XL-200 4)Top Thrill Dragster 5)Raptor 6)Millennium Force 7)GateKeeper 8)Wicked Twister 9)Valravn 10)Gemini 11)Rougarou 12)Corkscrew 13)Blue Streak 14)Iron Dragon 15)Cedar Creek Mine Ride 16)Woodstock Express 17)Wilderness Run
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    Rollercoasters which are too intense?

    Is it really that intense? i mean it looks forcefull but not super intense
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    Roughest B&M?

    Vortex @ carowinds
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    LoG 2019: April Submissions

    Date = 28April 2019 Park = Rainbow magicland Rollercoasters shock x15(x1 first train of the day) dune x3(x1front, x2 back) cagliostro x10 olandese volante x1(back) Water rides yukatan x1 le rapide x1 Dark / flat rides pianeta winx x1 maison houdini x1 pilastro magico x1 ping il ragno x1...
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    Mirabilandia | Desmo Race | Maurer Spike Dragster

    looks like you may get some airtime during the ride. i'm starting to like this ride now, it may end up way being better than we thought No the admission is included with the park, it's not like ferrari land that is a separate park ducatiland is just a new themed area of the park
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    On SSC someone posted the pic of the leaked design: looks like is a double launch version of the shockwave model
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    i don't think the map it's completely correct keep in mind there should also be a dark ride somewhere in that area even though in the map is nowhere to be found
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    that's a kiddie coaster! they announced it together with zadra, you can see it in the video of the conference shuld be this one