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    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    That looks surprisingly ferocious - awesome!
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    Sea World San Antonio | Texas Stingray | Wooden Coaster

    Our very own @ECG is at the media day!
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    Basic Beginnings | ALTON TOWERS | 22nd Mar 2020

    Final Event Details Sunday 22nd March 2020 Meet at 10:30am at the end of Towers Street on the right hand side (heading down towards Spinball). We will be moving on into the park swiftly at 10:30, so please don't be late. If you're running behind, get in touch (details below) and you can always...
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    The Staff v. User counting game!

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    Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster

    Yeah, but to be fair he did say: We're trying to find coasters that disprove that point, not prove it. ;)
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    That's why they're so good. They are, as you put it, absolutely horrendous. X2 and Dinoconda (yet to do Eejanaika) provide ride experiences unlike anything else I've ridden (worth saying that Dinoconda felt like a level-up of intensity from X2, too). They have an intensity that's hard to put...
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    6-hour Graduation TR to Gyeongju : B&Ms VS 8 Classmates full of fears

    Fantastic way to end the year with your friends, I say. I particularly like how you're patient enough to let them build up to riding the big coaster(s) by letting them ride (and re-ride) the sled. :P Congratulations on graduation, and good luck with your new school!
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    Glad to see the 4D coaster in your Top 10. :D
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    Indiana Beach Closes alongside other Apex parks

    Merged to keep this as one thread. Appreciate they're different parks, but the whole lot can be discussed here. This has come totally out of left field, what a shame.
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    Peregrine - DOWNLOAD & POV LIVE - [B&M Wing Coaster RLRides]

    Possibly one for a future project, but it would be cool to do a timelapse type thing of the progress/process. Lock the camera to one position and render a frame for each iteration. You'd see the curves develop and the final form come through. Which bits stayed, which changed, which were scrapped...
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    Peregrine - DOWNLOAD & POV LIVE - [B&M Wing Coaster RLRides]

    A fair point well made. It doesn't detract from the ride at all! Maybe I just don't like saying something's perfect... :P
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    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    Fair enough - I won't deny that a particularly good day at a park can elevate it. Same goes for certain cycles on certain rides, they can be something really special. Always felt like all the parks out there were a bit... lifeless. Ferrari World and IMG, at least (they hadn't bothered opening...
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    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    Surprised to see Motiongate that high up the list - I'm not aware of many others who have it that high up. What made it Top 10 material?
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    New mascot for Walibi parks.

    Let's hope not gross, then! :P