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    Checking cf using my Samsung s10+

    Checking cf using my Samsung s10+
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    Alien Encounter

    I never had the chance to ride this, but I heard about it from friends. Sounds like my kind of ride as I love scary stuff. ?
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    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    Since my last park was dlp on july 26 2017, its been 3 years.
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    First park you’ll be going to

    Since my brother passed his driving test he has not once taken me to Alton Towers, he took his wife in 2009 on their 1st wedding anniversary, but never me, so this year he promised to take me.
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    staying around

    staying around
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    Favorite cartoon?

    Simpson's love all the episodes (apart from the musical ones) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, Thunder Cats Inspector Gadget
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    browzing cf

    browzing cf
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    Best Looking Roller Coasters

    Big One at BPPB is beautiful at night, the way it glows, shame the ride lets you down during the day.;)
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    Dumb park restrictions

    Pleasure Wood Hills runs Wipeout every seven minutes cos of some noise restriction placed on the park. o_O Why does the UK have such crap rules?:mad:
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    How many capital cities have you been to?

    Let me see I've been to Douglas, Isle Of Man, London, United Kingdom, Islamabad, Pakistan, Paris ,France
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    Who should take over what park?

    Flamingo Land should buy Lightwater Valley. That way FL would have decent rides, and own 2 Yorkshire parks, plus LWV would get some decent credits. :)
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    Planet Coaster (2016)

    I've bought this game on 29/11 and I can't even work out the camera controls, how to place rides, or place shops. :( Can someone help me:emoji_question:
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    Cubs WINS World Series, and Cedar Point pays

    The video really made me laugh, the staff looked depressed :emoji_laughing:
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    What was your first coaster to feature an inversion?

    Tower of Terror from Camelot theme park, would have been in '96. cool)
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    Going Local: Part 3: Weird Powered Coaster and Dinosaurs

    Re: Going Local: The Third Take on the Same Fair Are you the only one visiting the fair? Because it looks like it.