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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    The things that always amaze me about these old shots are the number of side friction/figure 8 coasters there used to be littered everywhere. Then piers actually being used for docking boats - something I don't think we actually associate with piers any more. It was great to see the Switchback...
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    Big One evacuated

    That was a close call - luckily, they avoided having to endure the ride ;)
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    What happened to the demand for thrilling inverted coasters?

    Brilliant topic, but I think you're pretty much covered on answers. It's a mix of all five of your original theories. Individually, they don't make an impact, but together, they do. I think it's amazing how quickly and oddly fashion and trends change. You don't want your customers coming in and...
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    Alton Towers vs Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    This is an interesting discussion to revisit. 20 years ago, this was a no-brainer. Alton Towers. 10 years ago, it would still be difficult to put together a solid argument for Blackpool - but it could be done. Now? It's much tougher. When I do these things, I try to do both a pragmatic and...
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    WTF Merlin?

    To be fair, that sounds like every opening week I've ever been to at Thorpe ;)
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    If they'd have received that order, it may have been the thing that saved Arrow! Oh, I see what you mean about nightmarish now ;) Oh yeah, I know all about the Arrow Pipeline coaster development (and the whole Arrow and Schwartzkopf Secret Weapons). I just don't remember ever having seen the...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    And now that's led down a rabbit hole :D Here's some great footage of Coney Island in its heyday. Including footage of the Flying Turns, which I've never seen! It gets going about 5 minutes in. There's this weird gyroscope ride thing at one point, no idea what was going on there. And a very...
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Some colourised footage of the Virginia Reel at Blackpool for those interested (as @rob666 brought it up in the 20 years losses topic): There's one shot where the cars are so close together - definitely no real controls back then, just solid guess work :D The most interesting thing about...
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    Notable Losses Since 2001

    Completely agree about Space Invader. I understand why it went, but I used to love the ride. The silly walkthrough queue and the stupid lighting effects inside. I always rated it above Black Hole at AT - but then again, I never rated Black Hole in the slightest :) With the Corkscrew though, it...
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    "Now Showing"

    I love The Faculty. I watched it on release at the cinema. I can't even start to pin down why it's so enjoyable, but it is. And it IS a movie right of that moment. I watched Kong Vs Godzilla on Friday night. It's just 2 hours of stupidity. No real plot, just excuses to have these massive...
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    Music Recommendations

    I'd like to (if I can find anywhere streaming it for free in the UK :) ) - but, also not. I think David Byrnes is a bit of a dick - or he certainly used to be.
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    Music Recommendations

    Sigh... It was bound to happen eventually :D I quite like Marillion, but it's all a bit up its own bum. I like that. I need a new something that's a bit heavy and mildly cheesy to listen to while I'm working. Being in a house of Alexas, I've signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited. I'm also...
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    Rides at Buffalo Bill's Casino closed until further notice

    This is going to look really weird to anyone reading this, who can no longer see the banned posts :D You're right Poke in what you're saying. It's all about legitimate clicks. We get spam from people often on our CF emails advertising this kind of thing "Would you like professional writers to...
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    Desktop PC tips for Planet Coaster?

    I'm getting lows of 20FPS and highs of 35FPS - depending how much is on screen at the time. It's worth noting that I play it in 720. So I do get a frame rate hit which I've overcome by reducing the resolution. Only the biggest revolution in gaming :D It's true lighting, where individual rays...
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    Notable Losses Since 2001

    Actually, kind of not. Nemesis is sitting in a huge custom hole in the park. It's not like they can just reuse the area. But, it's part of a slightly bigger debate, and we're in a weird place in the industry right now. The US is a little different (ahead of the curve), but there's a history to...